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    I am sorry

    About waht happened tonight before the demote happned I was led to belive that bail was a thing now I cant give times as this was something i herd a SGT say whlie I was waiting for training I did not willfully brack a rule and if this is just let go and we act like nothing happens I relly dont have any exuce to do it again I understand that persons perpetive and how it looked I was not trying to take a bribe that was ment to be bail his frind paying the fine for him witch I belived was allowed not that I know it was not I will not repect doing it
  2. Caplo


    I ment this as more of a talk and tell the others ware we are posted that way we have at lest one cop in every part of the city as much as we can. Like say someing like I am 10-8 off the 10-38 posting in subs
  3. Caplo


    So I had a idea when not on a call I think LEOs shroud have a post that way the PD has eyes on all parts of the city if not given a post they can give them selfs once what I mean by this is say I post myself to subs or something I wold look for crime in that part of the city and go to any calls after I am done with that call I go back to my post again I feel this wold help us be better covered in the city so say a crime is happing in subs we wold not know becase no one has called it in and no one is up tare agin if not given a post we shoud give are selfs one