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    Map Change Stage II

    choose one this one sucks
  2. 1. What is your in game name: Nuck 2. What is your rank (WO2+): CSI 3. Who would like to see you as an OMON Operator (2 officers): Fattus, Reznov 4. Why do you want to be on OMON Operator: To do missions, and help the RU base during raids 5. Why should we trust you with this rank and responsibility (30-50 words): I am very active on RUMP overall and I make sure to never minge on RUMP or the server at all really, I also am already in a special forces for RU GRU so i feel as if i can take on the responsibilities and Duties of being OMON. 6. How often can you be on: Everyday 7. Have you read the MP informational: yes 8. Do you have any warns on the server: yes 9. Do you have any strikes (if so what for): 2 not making a LOA 10. What would you do in the case of a terror and you were the only MP on: I would call a lock down and and when the terror is done call code green
  3. He always wants to help and is super nice to everyone
  4. +Support - Active - Mature - Trustworthy
  5. He is spitting straight facts
  6. Name of Class: RU: Alpha Squad Operative SteamID that paid: STEAM_0:0:208789400 SteamID Getting Added: STEAM_0:0:208789400 Vehicle Getting added: wac_pl_ultralight Proof of Purchase: https://prnt.sc/prm0pz
  7. What is your name?: Bruv What is your rank in MP?: WO3 How active are you (On Your MP Job)?: Debrief and peacetime Do you have any suggestions/reworks for MP?: Let MP out to war Are you apart of OMON?: no
  8. Name: Bruv Rank: SGTMAJ Are you in KGB: Yes Are you in 104th: No How active can you be: has to work around school and sports Concerns: none