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  1. Honestly you can do what you want at this point. You all enforce rules that are not written in the MOTD (like server diss, which is only a rule on this server,) and when people question it, you tell them to read the MOTD. If they point out that there is no written rule for X Y Z random thing a staff member says, the staff will say "Just because it isn't in the MOTD doesn't mean it isn't a rule." Then what's the point of even having an MOTD, much less telling somebody who is confused on the rules to read it? People who are not remotely involved in the situation, who have never encountered me, show support for a ban they have limited knowledge of, nothing more than a 2 minute clip out of a 20 minute situation, ignoring everything I say in the mean time. Warns are not used as a punishment as much as they are used as a blind threat when a staff member is feeling angry. I've on and off joined this server for years and it's always the same, staff word is taken at face value and investigating any further is disrespect and met with harsher punishment.
  2. Yea, it's called trashtalking buddy, this entire thread is just hurt feelings lol. Moral of the story is people shouldn't dish out what they can't take. Also, a buddy and I were fucking around, the cop car moved .5 inches and you had a meltdown over it. Nobody ever "stole a cop car."
  3. I'll give you credit where credit is due, and that is for being a master editor. You've cut out the previous context for this, so I'll fill the people you are lying to in. Around 15-20 minutes prior, I carjacked you. I adverted the carjack, it was entirely legit. You shot me, completely reasonable, and that should have been the end of it. However, you then shot me multiple times when I walked out of spawn after this, which led to a series of back and forth gun battles between myself, my friends, yourself, and your friends. Had you not shot at me after the fact this fighting would have never began. Towards the end of the fighting you began acting strange. You shot at me, then drove up in your vehicle, hopped out, and stood still, letting me kill you. Rando has plus oned this because he is one of the previously mentioned friends (The dobby character if I recall correctly) who also participated in the mass back and forth RDM. Bambob lied to me and said he was witnessing an entirely unrelated event happened, and when I asked him if he could clarify the specifics of the events (to validate he was not lying) he warned me for diss and antiminged me. I've played on the server in the past, and every single time I have been flabbergasted. Staff who immediately spam warns and antiminge for no apparent reason, where questioning a decision is somehow disrespect. TL:DR You should not have RDMed me out of anger if you did not want to start a war, and now that you lost you're on the forums complaining.