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  1. + Support Like I said, Crease is an amazing guy, he truly made my playing experience more fun on PoliceRP. I played with him everyday since I joined this community. I don't know what's going to happen, I'm just trying to defend a guy who I loved playing with, and everyone else enjoyed him in the community. I just think he should have a second chance with everyone. Thank you all for being a great community.
  2. Name: Calamity Rank: Para Why do you want to stay? Because I am very active and love playing on EMS. Are you in discord? Ofc
  3. R.I.P We Will All Miss You!!! Thank you all for coming to this event! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Event Was In Respects Of: Nolan The PoliceRP Manager Police Commissioner NoOne PoliceRP Head Of Staff Police Deputy Commissioner Gaur PoliceRP Head-Admin CWRP/JvS Manager Retired State Colonel JackBlack PoliceRP Head-Admin Retired FBI Director Carpenter PoliceRP Head Admin SCP-RP Manager Devitt SCP-RP Player Rest In Peace ------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwqZ8AIvM-o&t=105s Please Post Some Great Moments And Comments
  4. - Support Like Jet said this breaks FBI rules, many people do this exact same thing and it's not ok. I do not think this warn should be removed and I recommend you to read the FBI SOP.
  5. +/- Support This increases RP but out of the RP, this will add unnecessary equipment that might start causing lag. We also have the problem of you opening the vault with other equipment (So why would people use these equipment). I honestly think the Black Market should have more stuff but I don't think this should be added.
  6. DD is an awesome family filled with good people! This is a great opportunity if you need a family.
  7. DasCalamity

    Noah lee LOA

    Man that sucks Noah! Hopfully you can figure that stuff out!
  8. You are an awesome guy Smokey! I love playing with you! We should play more together in the near future.
  9. +Mega Support This is an odd glitch and people use it to their advantage. This glitch needs to be brought up and fixed ^_^!
  10. I loved the underground area, it was really simple and greatly used :)!
  11. + Mega Support This increases the roleplay opportunity's, I really love the idea of having this. A lot of people roleplay with just the bearcat ice cream skins. I love doing simple roleplay with shops and selling. This is really simple to do, and I like the idea of having to buy it so it benefits everyone. Would really like seeing this :)!!
  12. I agree with this statement +/- I just think he should get a verbal. I find many admins use their powers to get their cars out of the water (I think that should be brought up). I just think he was not thinking at the time with the pursuit. I find this a honest mistake and he admits to it.