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  1. Please do not fight over this, this is why I want to leave staff because I dont want to argue just to be able to have fun on the server
  2. Welp I guess this is happening. This is just how I feel right now my decision may change but I feel its not the best decision for me to stay staff. I havent really been doing much anyways so I don't see a big deal with me leaving. Even though I haven't done much I feel disrespected on how I've been treated honestly and I feel like shit like this is only gonna keep happening. I will explain this situation for the the higher ups so they understand why I am upset and if you thinks its disrespect well ill only tell the truth. Ill explain these 2 situations quick Situation #1: Getting spammed during anniversary So during the 6th year anniversary they decided to do assault on Geonosis as the event. I was officially the Highest rank on and no others BG's are on so I take field command. I was giving orders you know or in other words BUSY DOING MY JOB AS BG. So here's where it begins, so Alpha joins in halfway through the assault and I guess he doesnt realize im FIELD COMMAND so he spams admin chat telling ME to go staff even though he just got on over halfway through the event that I WAS IN COMMAND OF. So obviously I tell him no i'm busy with command and the fact that it was assault and i'm the ASSAULT BG i've been waiting for a big event like this. I thought this was just a 1 time thing with that but I guess not. Situation #2: Being forced out of Feild Command So keep in mind this is literally THE NEXT DAY. So as a celebration for china's resignation he host's an event that was similar to the geonosis event but in mygeeto. So again i'm the highest on and only BG so I take command. And HALFWAY THROUGH THE EVENT Alpha joins and were in regimental lines and joins and he has half of his body groups on and says a pretty mingy thing in my opinion "Oh oops i'm naked" and I tell him to be more serious. Then a minute later guess what I say "Blizzard go on staff" just like yesterday but this time THERES A SUPERADMIN ON. So I tell them again NO because i'm taking command but this time even though alpha joined in halfway through the event and I WAS IN COMMAND I get forced as staff mid event. To be honest this triggered me a lot. So I decide to talk to invaliff and I tell him about it and how I was thinking about resigning and he told me THERE NOT SUPPOSED TO PULL ME OUT BECAUSE I WAS IN COMMAND which I thank him for that and being understanding. But to be honest this part after ill be honest it irresponsible on my part but is just really irritating. I try talking to Borith because he was the SA that switched me saying that he wasn't supposed to do that but he replied with "you werent in command alpha was" which as I explain is WRONG. So in conclusion I AM NOT LEAVING THE SERVER just staff. And I feel like if i'm going to be staying as BG and Jedi I will have to drop staff so I don't get the stress that recent resigned staff had. Special Staff Thank You's - Invaliff - thank you for taking my complaint seriously and understanding Nova - We got T-Mod together and we both go down together China - Thank you for talking with me through my decision making and explaining your side YOU WILL BE MISSED CHINY
  3. Good Bye Chiny I will keep the bathrooms protected in your name!
  4. +support - Knows RP extremely well - Active - Well known by the troops - Brigadier General Blizzard
  5. - support Not mature enough for BG
  6. +Support I like the ideas you have for the assault regiments
  7. Soooo..... I messed up and accidentally made a new account with my steam attached to it. So for now on ill just be using this forums account. Btw im Brigadier General Blizzard and I am also a Trial Moderator Rip Me