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  1. -Support - I do not feel comfortable with him as GM due to recent behaviors - Rushed app - No experience with ULX
  2. @Ralex This would actually be considered a suggestion and because of that I will be moving it there ?
  3. Name: Blizzard Permission? (1 HOS/Manager.) Permission was given to me by HoS Richard from MilRP and 1944RP Rank: (Must be Admin) I am a Administrator on Clone Wars RP How long have you been an admin? I have been a administrator for about 2-3 months What qualities can you bring to the mentor team (100 words minimum.): I feel that I can bring a lot to the mentor team due to many aspects of my personality as staff. The people who are close to me always tend to see me as someone who only wants to help and to always give honest advice if needed. My one goal as a staff member is to be the guy who is there to assist anyone who is fair. Another huge quality of mine is the fact I know I am not as good as the big staff members so I am always willing to get feedback so I can be the best I can. So basically as a whole I can bring non-stop dedication and loyalty to when it comes to being a mentor. Why do you want to join the mentor system? (150 words minimum): I would like to be a mentor because honestly I really enjoy working with lower ranks whenever i'm not busy with other stuffs. There are some good Senior Moderators in Clone Wars RP that I would love to help grow and work there way to earn the rank of admin. I have always been kinda a mentor since I've been in the server with my work as Admin and as the general for Clone Wars and I would like to put that as a more legitimate role within the community. I am also looking to earn more experience when it comes to managing and coordinating with lower staff. Working as a mentor would be the best way for me to be able to grow my relationship with the staff and to grow my own position when it comes to overseeing them. With this position I will be help the staff team grow and help the lower ranks reach there best potential.
  4. Accepted!!! Speak to me or Invaliff for training!
  5. +Support I would like to see this change as well hopefully it is just a simple configure but I would like to be able to see my exact health as jedi instead of guessing ?
  6. -Support It is unreasonable to add a whole pack worth 3.5 mb's for a single person lead under a pretty average type of class if it was in the current pack then maybe it can be up for debate.
  7. -Support You are arguing in your own app [Replying to you own app is a instant deny in the first place]
  8. -support I like your events and all but it wouldn't be reasonable to add an entire pack of models just for your storyline especially since they take up 42 MBs
  9. Overruled and Denied Do major offenses in the past and continued immaturity - BG Talverion, MG Alpha, and General Blizzard [If confused it slipped my mind logic was previously named trippee till now]
  10. I don't play rust but I do not tolerate having people like that in the community I would heavily agree with you here man
  11. - Support I'm gonna be honest I just don't feel you do enough to earn the final rank in Low Command And also what Gibbi said you were just promoted not long ago and didn't do much with it This app is also very rushed if you wanted to prove that you deserved the rank by application you should atleast try on it - General Blizzard