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  1. Well the time has come I got to leave. Its been great working with you all spending almost a year on this server. Unfortunately I feel its time for me to take my leave. I need to move on with my life and focus on school and my future career in IT. I appreciate everyone in the community and the times we shared I truly do. Blackbeard - I've known you for years and your the one that introduced me to GL back on Military RP. Good luck with your career on SCP man. Well keep in touch for sure. SHEEEEEESH Myan - I really appreciate you man. I honestly appreciate you as a true friend I didn't think of you as the Grand Inquisitor but as a close friend. Like you said in our last conversation I will be 100% hopping on Phasmaphobia soon and you never know maybe ill OBS open as we play like you've been trying to convince me to do. TAlila - Imma be honest with ya I was shocked and honestly i'm jealous of how clearly good you are as HC. Your gonna go high up quick man trust me. You were a great friend and fellow HC member. Ill be in touch in Clash of Clans whenever possible. Badger - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WyLhwYFgmk <---- Badger Music Mickey - Seems like there's no more trolling for you in GL big man. It was great having you around. Emily - Thank you for the opportunity and how much you patience and coordination you had to help me grow within GM's. Hotshot and Beckett - Thank you guys for allowing me the oppurtunity to come back and contribute what I can to the community to help it grow. Imperial is gonna stay popping for a long time I can see that. Continue doing your best guys this wont end like CloneWarsRP.
  2. - Support - Minimal Effort put in - Haven't heard of you much
  3. I hopped on the server and saw people were talking about how some crystal colors are messed up with the inner being weird. I Loaded up a Orange Crystal +10 and it had a inner of red instead of orange. I have checked and all my other crystals have a red inner as well. I can see this being done on purpose as it does make sabers a bit more lore accurate. Again just being safe and reporting it if this isn't the case.
  4. Alright I gained information from two staff members who were involved. Due to this I also remembered what happened. From what I remember you were disrespecting people within OOC calling them bitches. Hawkeye then brought you into a sit about the disrespect. Mid sit you said the N-Word in advert. Unfortunately there is lack of evidence on my end so if that effects the out come of this appeal I will understand.
  5. If I remember correctly I was brought into the sit as a request for assistance. Hawkeye asked me to come in and assist with the report. He was banned on request of the other staff members for saying the N-Word. If you can show proof this was false I will gladly support your unban. To admit my memory is a bit fuzzy as I don't remember as much as I should so with point I will support a shorten at the very least for your ban.
  6. Around 7:30 - 8:00 PM I will be hosting a mega event.
  7. TAlila is correct this was previously denied. - Support
  8. + Support - Requested by current SHC - Would allow more members into Naval specialties
  9. - Support - Was not approved by SF Command - I think the Ties are fine as they are
  10. + Support - Would improve communications between regiments
  11. + Support - Great Admin - Great guy all around - Really supportive of all members Deserves the position of Senior Admin in my eyes!
  12. While traveling throughout space the ISD receives a strange distress signal. It appears to be coming from a Imperial Officer. You must go and investigate this. Though it does seem a bit suspicious........
  13. + Support - Active - Great Admin - Nice guy - Knows his stuff
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