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  1. tbh i dont know who are , and i ve never met you, but its sad to see you go. i hope whatever you do in the future will satisfy you. ?
  2. gang shit kms, hey boss man, im -Mark- (also called Mundy), i fckin love SCP, i used to be a developer for SCP: Containment breach,(Now only working on SCP: NTF Mod) before you ask im a texture artist, i also like retexturing gmod models cause im bored and i have the skills xdd ill probs be around and check out the epic gamers on the servers, my fav gmod gamemode is MilitaryRP, (ik i said i like SCP, but MilRP is sexy) k bye bitches luv u uwu
  3. My first day was shit, i went on SCP-RP and never got trained, mkay boss man