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  1. yours and goats story don't match up and therefor -Support from me sorry
  2. +Support Beautiful App Active Great SA Been senior admin for awhile Love you good luck
  3. +Support Th3 is a good doggo and would never do a thing `~Bambob01~`
  4. +Support Good App You get a higherup to minge for 10,000 Been thinking of it for a while Good luck ~Bambob01~
  5. it could increase immersion and expands the roleplay in the server
  6. +Support I think you should add the rule if your rammed into 3 Times your automatically KOS
  7. @Nimo that would be a strike Also a -Support from me We are admins to help the community staffing should not gelp you within roleplay at all
  8. RDMx3/SelfSupply I accidently warned him his name was similar to another please remove it
  9. +Support Active Well Known Mature Good Luck ~`Bambob01`~
  10. I don't really see you much at all I agree with logans statement ~`bambob01`~
  11. +Support Active Mature Knows the rules Trusted ~`Bambob01`~
  12. +/- Support Activity needs a boost as I haven't really seen u much in TS recently ~`Bambob01`~
  13. +Support Friendly guy Nice App Good Luck ~`Bambob01`~
  14. +Support An Admin Very Experienced and knows what to do Good luck ~`Bambob01`~