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  1. Sorry I haven't been here guys ive had a lot of shit to deal with ive lost my steam account for a start something personal has happened within my family today I was woke up at 6pm with screaming and attacking arguments from someone who DOSENT EVEN LIVE IN MY HOUSE I missed work because of it (might get fired) I have a really shitty life right now and haven't had much time to make an LOA Besides the point I would like to come back to the server as soon as I get gmod/my account back I love yall speak later <3 Edit: Scheffer im sorry for not being able to keep my activity up I promise ill try to improve it (when I get back) I want to make an loa but hopefully I will get my account back today Much love scheffer and ty for not removing me after all this time it really means a lot your an amazing manager and im glad you can understand what im going through
  2. he was killing the kingpin for the printer dummy
  3. Hey guys! im not able to get into the game as I have lost access to my account but if your feeling good feel free to buy me gmod xD but srsly ill try to get my account and everything back just forgot password and brother aint here to tell me the access code luv yall --Bambob01
  4. +Support clearly read over the rules knows the format jk thick -support
  5. unfortunately due to some events that happened to me irl I had to go on leave I had no time to post it if your JMT SMT Or Anything higher I can discuss the reason with you if need be ty for your consideration ~/~ Bambob01
  6. love u hunt I hope all is fine
  7. there is its either admin+ or any admin they can /arrest (name) (times in seconds) so for instance im arresting u /arrest General Awg 120 that would arrest you for 120 seconds
  8. +Support Reasons above ^ Also his sexy
  9. when your arrested the MP/person who arrested you keeps a timer ad after that release you MP's have a guideline to follow so your not in there for 15 mins
  10. im going to miss you ya crazy man I wish you the best of luck and congratz on the fire dept I hope you get far man didn't know you tooooo well but you are funy and I loved the time I spent with you good luck <3
  11. i will be attending probally on my phone will be out
  12. ^^ I have my donation items to
  13. +Support Active Mature Funny as hell but strict when he has to be can play around and have fun good listener Even better learner I think his fir for the role good luck ~Bambob01 your bb :P