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  1. Thank god you're back! Don't ever do that again
  2. I appreciate your work in EMS! Good luck wherever you go. I'm going to eat up that empty spot on the roster though
  3. I can understand that, but this thread is for talking about the fact he was mistakenly banned with evidence that lacked enough power for a permaban. We're not talking about how a joke that some people thought were fine and others didn't. That's been dealt with already.
  4. Name: PBSpiralGamer Rank: Captain Why you want to stay in EMS: I'm a high rank and take pride in helping the EMS community. It's also a fun job Discord: Yes
  5. We need to make all -Supports more or less invalid if it was because of some little joke that didn't harm no one. The person that the joke was targeted towards accepted the apology, not much more to it (The joke the whole discussion above was about)
  6. If you're reading this, that means you care

    I don't know if I should be proud I made myself noticeable, or worried you thought learning more about me was a good idea

  7. +Support He has done nothing wrong. He even got the guy that he was thought to be to say they aren't the same. On top of that, Crease is a great guy. He works hard and does good. I would be sad to see him be banned just because of a misunderstanding ~~~EMS Captain PBSpiralGamer
  8. +Support -Mature -Hard Worker -Wants the Best for Everyone ~PBSpiralGamer (Personally, I don't care about how many warns he has as long as they weren't super bad and he learnt from them)
  9. +Support Maybe a refined version of affiliation could be: Current Branch(s): EMS & PD Rank in Branch(s): EMS - Snr Lt; PD - Snr
  10. INFINITE +Support This will help with RP so much! Bleeding and fractures will give people reasons to go to the hospital. It will be more fun for us EMS instead of just reviving and healing all the time. Just an idea, why don't we make a side branch of EMS that works at the hospital?
  11. I'm now going to purge any judgement I had on you because of this. Thanks for letting us have Alex back! #AlexIsBack!
  12. Name: PBSpiralGamer Rank: [P2] Head Paramedic Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department?: I've been working hard to do good in EMS. I'm active, and try to help everyone I can. Any changes you want in the EMS?: Give Alex his rank back!
  13. Sorry to bother again, but the discord invite has expired (When I used it originally it took me to this weird website)
  14. It's been about a week, but there haven't been any EMS on that can train me. Normally, there's either no EMS or one low ranking EMS. What should I do?