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  1. Name: Phillips Rank: CPL Any Concerns?: None, haven't been on gensec that much recently.
  2. I didn't know there's an option to do so, sorry.
  3. What is your ingame name?: MTF Nu7 CPL Jack Phillips Whats your rank?: CPL (Nu7) How active are you?: Pretty active, i get on every day i can, so most of the week. Why should we trust you with CSM? 100+ words: I've been in MTF Nu7 for a while. A lot of things have changed since I was a wee recruit, fresh from training. I’ve seen people come and go and it never discouraged me. I was always happy to see at least someone active. I personally have a lot of experience with leading smaller groups of people, many different times has it happened to me that I am the highest ranking member of Nu7 online and that I have to handle everything. I’ve stopped many breaches with a small number of recruits and privates, and the fact that they want to work with me and follow my orders makes me happy, seeing as that means Nu7 has a bright future. I've also been closely following the rules and the newly made SOP. Why do you want to become CSM? 100+ words: My reasoning for wanting to become CSM is that I’ve noticed a mayor gap in MTF Nu7 command. All of high command has stayed the same, albeit with a few new members, but almost all of low command has disappeared off the face of the planet after a recent purge. I wish to change that. I wish to be the leader people would need, someone competent, calm and reasonable. Someone with the prestige of high command, but not the power. I wish to make people feel as if I am one of them, not a leader, but a comrade. Someone that can lead, but does not force himself on the weak. That does not mean I’ll tolerate rule-breaking though. I will enforce the rules as necesary, but approach troops calmly and friendly about their issues and problems. Whats your timezone?: CET (Central European Timezone). What's your time on the server?: I've been on the server since the start of 2019./late January, but acording to the ingame tracker i have 3 days+ time on the server. How many strikes/warns do you have?: Zero, according to the roster. When your ingame and there is a breach, how will you handle the MTF Troops?: there are several ways i can handle this, depending on the breach's sevarity. Situation A) it is a minor breach (single SCP, Euclid SCP). Depending on the SCP (let's assume it's 049) i will send at least 3 Nu7 to recontain it as soon as possible. If there aren't enough troops, i will go along with 2 other units to recontain it. Situation B) A Keter class SCP has escaped. This one splits into 2. If SCP-682 has breached, i'll get some troops to HCZ, and if i am the highest ranking member, i'll declare a lockdown to prevent 682 from breaching to the surfice. If i am not, i'll ask the LT+ member to declare it for me. The 2nd option is that 106 has breached. If GENSEC are overwhelmed by D-class, i'll ask a troop or 2 to head down to d-block to grab a d-class and recontain SCP 106. If no Troops are available, i will personally go and do it. Situation C) A mass breach has occured. If the breach can be managed and is put under control fast enough (096, 682 and 106 are contained first) then i will acompany the troops in recontaining all of the escaped SCPs. If the mass breach is too difficult to contain or a high profile SCP has gotten onto the surfice, i will assist A1 along with my troops in securing Esential Foundation personel in getting out of the facility. Once the site admin and/or other Esential personel are off site, we will attempt to neutralise the mass breach ASAP. if the breach is still too difficult to contain, all clearance 3+ Nu7 personel will evacuate from the facility onto the escape helicopter. Are you willing to dedicate your time into Nu7 to make it become better?: Yes. I am willing to make doccuments, hold trainings (if i can, once i can) and dedicate any necesarry amount of time for Nu7. Are you willing to keep a positive attitude to the troopers and help them as much as possible with a respectable manner?: Yes. A personal policy of mine is to treat all people equaly, approach every situation neutraly, each to be handled individualy and everyone's opinion is to be taken into account on any decision that could be considered "unnecessary". As a part of the Aplication, i have made a strawpoll to let you decide if i should be the next CSM. Another thing i would like to mention is that i've been recently reinstated after an issue i had with E-11 models making the server unplayable for me. It's fixed now.
  4. Alright, I've tried some things. Firstly, tried joining onto the server with all mods disabled and i still crashed. I'm gonna try that thing Lava suggested, and if it doesn't work i'm going onto Indeffinate LOA until i get a better pc.
  5. Hello, My name is Luka Hellthorn, but most of the administration team knows me as Jack Philips. I'm a member of Nu7. Recently, specifically as of the MTF update, i have been having issues with playing on the server and have been experiencing a game breaking Issue. Upon loading in, if a member of the NTF squad (pretty sure the standard model does it) is present in the general direction that i am looking in (this does not matter if they are actually visible, they just have to exist in that direction.) I will instantly crash without any error message or explanation. Now i am pretty sure that this is my PC's issue and not the server, but i would still like to hear if anyone from the administration can help me. I've tried Deleting all my addons and joining, having just the server's content pack, I even tried deleting everything GMod releted and redownloading it, and it still seems to presist. If any of you can help me, i will be eternally greatful.