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  1. Name: Phillips Rank: CPL Any Concerns?: None, haven't been on gensec that much recently.
  2. Alright, I've tried some things. Firstly, tried joining onto the server with all mods disabled and i still crashed. I'm gonna try that thing Lava suggested, and if it doesn't work i'm going onto Indeffinate LOA until i get a better pc.
  3. Hello, My name is Luka Hellthorn, but most of the administration team knows me as Jack Philips. I'm a member of Nu7. Recently, specifically as of the MTF update, i have been having issues with playing on the server and have been experiencing a game breaking Issue. Upon loading in, if a member of the NTF squad (pretty sure the standard model does it) is present in the general direction that i am looking in (this does not matter if they are actually visible, they just have to exist in that direction.) I will instantly crash without any error message or explanation. Now i am pretty sure that this is my PC's issue and not the server, but i would still like to hear if anyone from the administration can help me. I've tried Deleting all my addons and joining, having just the server's content pack, I even tried deleting everything GMod releted and redownloading it, and it still seems to presist. If any of you can help me, i will be eternally greatful.