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  1. My wifi has returned to operashanl standers i shall be on today
  2. Name smith Rank lt Roster status active Main branch USAF
  3. Di meeting manditory for lTDI + attend Sunday 5:30 central time mountain time 4:30 If not able to attend pots in comments on forms below
  4. Sorry family was in town I'd get on and get dragged to the bolling alley I'll be on after school tomorrow
  5. had to update needed in game name hope i get my class back
  6. Hi yes may I get ownership of 101 airborne my old account was hacked and stolen so I made a new one here is my new steam my in game name USAF AFASC COL LTMP SDI Smith2 id STEAM_0:1:467379795
  7. sir please understand i cant use the account fubar human any more it was stolen from me i had to change passwords from things i had branched off of steam i had to cancel a card and get a new one sir
  8. that accout is not mine anny more i cant acsess it at all thats the thing it was hacked and stolen
  9. HI YES my old account fubar human got hacked so i made a new one would i be able to get my cc on my new account 101airborn ? here is my new steam id STEAM_0:1:467379795