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  1. had to update needed in game name hope i get my class back
  2. Hi yes may I get ownership of 101 airborne my old account was hacked and stolen so I made a new one here is my new steam my in game name USAF AFASC COL LTMP SDI Smith2 id STEAM_0:1:467379795
  3. sir please understand i cant use the account fubar human any more it was stolen from me i had to change passwords from things i had branched off of steam i had to cancel a card and get a new one sir
  4. that accout is not mine anny more i cant acsess it at all thats the thing it was hacked and stolen
  5. HI YES my old account fubar human got hacked so i made a new one would i be able to get my cc on my new account 101airborn ? here is my new steam id STEAM_0:1:467379795