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  1. I will be stripping wood of paint all week won't be on
  2. I will be stripping wood of paint all week won't be on

    Heer Rollcall

    in game name: willhelm rank:Unteroffizer concerns?: no
  4. CPL NOT COL XD and i didnt see the 65 words part my bad and Rush???
  5. US Infantry Officer Application Form In-game name:US CPL SMITH Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:467379795 Recommendations (If any): How many active warns do you have:0 What position are you applying for(2nd Lt. - Maj.)2LT Are you okay with staying out of the action and commanding your troops nearby:yes Are you capable of follow orders:yes Why do you want this position in Infantry (65 words or more):to train rcts when they join and keep the server going and to give the infantry a more active officer through the day expt Friday Saturday Sunday ill be on after work on those days but mainly i wish to be 2LT so i can set a good exaple for those who rase through the ranks of the US infantry and help other officers and NCO in any way i can and lend aid to the infantry in the seance of help them in really any way i can Why should we trust you with this position (70 words or more): im a familuer person trusted to be col of usaf and comander of di in mill RP im well known by older players and i want to help the community thrive mill may have died but 1944 will not die as easy and i wish to help keep it alive i know i am just a CPL but i wish to help keep the server going and when theres no one on to train for the us i can train i just need the rank and if trainings changed from mill RP training could you ink the infrmashonal or tell me where to find it if i do get the rank How many strikes do you have (If any you will be immediately denied):0 On a scale of 1 to 10 how familiar are you with the history of WWII: 8.9 Time Zone: Mountain time How often can you get on the server:every day just work friday saterday and sunday in the mornings till around 7 to around 9 in the afternoun edited to meet requirement and show more on why i wish to be 2LT and to fix my COL to CPL for my in game name
  6. My wifi has returned to operashanl standers i shall be on today
  7. Name smith Rank lt Roster status active Main branch USAF
  8. Di meeting manditory for lTDI + attend Sunday 5:30 central time mountain time 4:30 If not able to attend pots in comments on forms below
  9. Sorry family was in town I'd get on and get dragged to the bolling alley I'll be on after school tomorrow
  10. had to update needed in game name hope i get my class back
  11. Hi yes may I get ownership of 101 airborne my old account was hacked and stolen so I made a new one here is my new steam my in game name USAF AFASC COL LTMP SDI Smith2 id STEAM_0:1:467379795