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    Spadek's LOA

    I’m having to extend my LOA to an unknown date because school is laying more work on me. I’m really sorry everyone.
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    Spadek's LOA

    I've been getting pretty busy with school due to the semester starting to grind down on school work plus my upcoming LGPE (playing test for school music programs), so I may be out for a while (YES I KNOW I'VE BEEN OUT FOR A BIT ALREADY). School's been a bit of a burnout, and when I come back it may be till the end of this week.
  3. Basically just to add a sub-forum to the SCP-RP forums to make it easier to state LOAs, kind of like what they have in the CloneWarsRP Forum.
  4. So recently I wanted to play as a D Class Expert because there was an event going on and I wanted to have a bit of fun, but for some reason, I can't access it because the game stated that I do not have Bronze rank to play as a D Class Expert. Help?
  5. *LEVEL THREE CLEARANCE REQUIRED TO VIEW* Property of the Foundation //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Form Title: [SCP-049] ~ Research (2/19/2019) Lore Name: Spadek Rank: Senior Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of personnel involved in testing: Security STFO LTC Aaron, Senior Researcher ████ , MTF A1 VCMDR Death XO32 (?) Level D personnel involved: D-Class 1032 "Donica Van Dyke" SCP: SCP-049 Hypothesis: None. Just seeing how SCP-049 is after Dr. Elijah Itkin's interview on 5/7/17. Observation: Me, Senior Researcher ████ and Security STFO LTC Aaron were in the containment area of SCP-049. We inserted the D-Class into the CC and SCP-049 transformed him to an instance of SCP-049-2 and tried to breach containment. After the SCP-049-2 expired, Senior Researcher ████ entered the CC to ask SCP-049 a few questions concerning how it transforms its subjects and its privileges after Addendum 049.3. SCP-049 was then hostile and converted Senior Researcher ████ into an instance of SCP-049-2. The containment area was then evacuated due to the breach of SCP-096 and of a C.I. Raid in the HCZ. Senior Researcher ████ was found to be expired after 3 hours in SCP-049's CC with heavy damage done to it's CC door. [ERROR 422: AUDIO LOG OF SCP-049 AND SENIOR RESEARCHER ████ CANNOT BE PROCESSED] Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): [ERROR 404: OBJECT DOES NOT EXIST] Errors and/or safety hazards: Everyone left Senior Researcher ████ due to the breach of SCP-096 and of the C.I. Raid, Senior Researcher ████ had no form of defense when in the CC of SCP-049 and had no guards present in the CC as well. Conclusion: The testing was a ████ show (again). Is it because of my participation in these tests? Am I the reason for the recent incidents? Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect. *Credit for this report on paper goes to Quacky since he started this trend. I photoshopped it, but he's the OG*
  6. Name: Spadek Rank: RCT Callsign: None Active/Semi-Active: Semi-Active
  7. I really like you Quacky, but I'm kinda going to be leaning to this...I really hope the best of luck with your application though!
  8. Lol I agree with you there.
  9. I'll be able to make it, but what exactly is this meeting about? Or is it to be revealed at the meeting?
  10. Heard the whole thing play out on Teamspeak. Funniest experience I've had with this server LMAO. ~Researcher Spadek
  11. *LEVEL FOUR CLEARANCE REQUIRED TO VIEW* Property of the Foundation //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Title: [SCP-035] ~ Research (2/10/2019) Lore Name: Spadek Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: Security SO Robert White, Researcher GOD, Security SO Bobby Shmurda, Researcher Spadek Level D personnel involved: D-Class 6904 "ABILITY MASTER" SCP: SCP-035 Hypothesis: No Hypothesis. We questioned SCP-035 about itself and a few other things. Observation: We came into the CC of SCP-035 with the D-Class so we could question SCP-035, but he had seemed to have possess the late Researcher ██████ without early notifications of it. SCP-035 had then put the D-Class into its glass container. SCP-035 was then asked to sit down while Researcher Spadek questioned the SCP while Security SO Robert White stood guard of the door. After questioning, SCP-035 was laughing manically and the CC was to be evacuated from it. While Researcher Spadek and Security SO Robert White was evacuating the CC, SCP-035 attempted to breach containment. SCP-035-1 was terminated before it could get any further, and within the chaos of the breach, one of the personal activated the gas, almost killing the Researcher and SO that were in the CC. After the situation was resolved, the personnel who activated the gas could not be identified. Also during the chaos, an SCP-939 breached the room but was locked out after it left the control panel room. *CLEARANCE LEVEL FIVE REQUIRED* *CLEARANCE ACCEPTED* [AUDIO LOG] *SCP-035 was sat across a table to be interviewed by Researcher Spadek, with questions from [DATA REDACTED]* Researcher Spadek: 035, can you state who you are exactly? SCP-035: Just some researcher I got my hands on. (Chuckles) Ever seen a gift from the gods? Researcher Spadek: Ummm... I can't say I have... I mean that would be interesting though... *I already knew what it was, Just going with RP* SCP-035: You are looking at one! Researcher Spadek: Oh wow! Which gods do you originate from? SCP-035: I can't say I remember. Been quite some time. This researcher sure is energetic... Researcher Spadek: Which one? The one behind me right now? SCP-035: (Chuckles again) No silly, the one I have possessed. Researcher Spadek: Oh. Do you enjoy taking over these bodies? SCP-035: It's my only way of getting to speak, enjoy the outside world! Without these bodies, I'd be stuck in my cell all day. Researcher Spadek: But you are technically stuck in this cell. SCP-035: My legs are starting to cramp... Oh no, no, no... I'm not "stuck" in this cell. Researcher Spadek: Can you specify on what you mean by that? SCP-035: I have ways my good friend, this facility doesn't protect you as much as you think it does. Researcher Spadek: Welp (Deep breath), at least it's some form of protection. I know that not exactly every person can be safe in the world. I mean that's how it works, correct? SCP-035: I agree! Researcher Spadek: Huh. May I ask another question? (SCP-035 proceeds to eye the guard to its right) SCP-035: Sure. Researcher Spadek: So even though you say you have know idea which gods you originate from, do you think you originate from some of the Greek gods like Zues and Hera? SCP-035: Now that you speak of it, does sound rather familiar. I also remember being a part of some plays. Oh I'm just rambling... Researcher Spadek: Hm. These plays, what time do you think it's from, or century? SCP-035: I recall it being near the 1800's, but that doesn't add up. I was found by you in that general time zone. Jeesh, memory sure is messing me up. Researcher Spadek: Yeah. I can relate. My memory is kind of ██████ up sometimes. SCP-035: Hmm... Researcher Spadek: Anyways, I have one more question for you. SCP-035: What's that little bugger right there in the window? (Researcher Spadek turns to check the window and turns back) Researcher Spadek: No, everything seems fine in that window... Anyways, one more question before I have to go... SCP-035: Sure. Researcher Spadek: What do you know of 001? SCP-035: (Twitches) Oh, that so-called gatekeeper, or was it something else? Researcher Spadek: There are multiple instances of 001. But do you know which one is the true one? SCP-035: Hahahah... Researcher Spadek: What do you taken so funny 035? SCP-035: Hahhahahaha... It is weird. Researcher Spadek: What do you mean by that? SCP-035: How does this facility have GOD in containment? What were we talking about? Researcher Spadek: We were talking about 001, but how did you know of 343? SCP-035: Oh. That's what you call him? Researcher Spadek: Yeah, that's what we call majority of what we contain... SCP-035: Why is God stuck up in this facility? Researcher Spadek: Well, he's not really stuck he came- SCP-035: (Laughs over Researcher Spadek) AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Researcher Spadek: -here by his own decision... (SCP-035 starts to uncontrollably laugh) Researcher Spadek: Uhhh... Uhh...Hey White. White. Please get your gun ready. (SCP-035 gets up and starts walking toward Researcher Spadek and Security SO Robert White) Researcher Spadek: (Gets up) Alright, we've asked enough questions for now. Alright. Time to head out, GOD. (Doors open. SCP-035 attempts to breach containment while someone activates the gas) [AUDIO LOG END] Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): [DATA REDACTED] Errors and/or safety hazards: SCP-035 almost breached containment, the personnel who activated the gas couldn't be identified, SCP-939 had breached containment but there was no incident with it, and chaos of SCP-035 could've been dealt better. Conclusion: We were able to get a few answers but overall it was an absolute ████ show with the breach of SCP-035. Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  12. Lol I can't... ~ Researcher Spadek
  13. 2/9/2019 So basically to state this as quickly as possible, I was with Senior Researcher Dogz trying to contain SCP-106 when this D-Class with an MP3 comes in and mows Dogz down. He then captures me and leaks that he was a CI agent undercover. He almost brought me back to their base, but I was fortunate enough that a NTF mowed him down before anything else could take place. As the NTF was escorting me back to LCZ through HCZ, we ran into a group of CI and the NTF was killed. I was captured for a bit until a MTF (I think that was the rank of the Foundation personal) broke me out and brought me down to the EZ. He then dropped me off with Site Administrator Th3 and I was then escorted by him all the way to LCZ. What a day. ~ Researcher Spadek
  14. Note: I was kind of funny to see D-Class 5190 almost wet himself before getting absolutely f*cked by SCP-939. ~ Researcher Spadek
  15. *LEVEL THREE CLEARANCE REQUIRED TO VIEW* Property of the Foundation //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Title: [SCP-173] ~ Research (2/8/2019) Lore Name: Spadek Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: Security LCPL ██ ████ , Security SO Hairy, and Researcher Spadek Level D personnel involved: D-Class 7789 "Dakota", D-Class 0429 "Sphinkle Pluff", and D-Class 1942 "Genocide" SCP: SCP-173 Hypothesis: Three D-Class will be inserted into SCP-173's containment with one being gagged, one being blinded, and one left as is for 3 minutes to see if they would survive through cooperation. Observation: Before inserting the D-Class into the containment, Researcher ███ was interfering with the test. After a bit of arguing, he was escorted out due to having an insufficient amount of D-Class that should be required for SCP-173 testing. After he was escorted out, the D-Class were inserted into the containment of SCP-173 and shackled to the wall furthest away from the entrance. One was gagged, another one was blinded, and the third one was left as is before the doors closed. After the doors were closed, a timer set to 3:00 minutes was initiated. After the timer was up, the gates were opened up to the containment to find two of the D-Class unshackled. D-Class 0429 was terminated by Security LCPL ██ ████ and the D-Class 1942 was re-contained. After the D-Class were taken out of the containment, A Security Trainee had run into the containment chamber and demanded SCP-173 to kill him. The Trainee was detained by Security SO Hairy and was taken for questioning. The two surviving D-Class were given Class-B amnestics and then returned to D-Block. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): *Image of D-Class before insertion* Errors and/or safety hazards: When inserting the D-Class, it should've been one of the Security Guards instead of Researcher Spadek inserting them; D-Class almost escaped; Security Trainee ran into the containment, causing the ending of the test to be delayed, endangered personal, and may have almost caused a containment breach. Conclusion: The test was successful with the cooperation of the D-Class, even though they had attempted to escape the containment cell after the gate was opened for retrieval. Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.