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  1. Name: TonyRank: COLCall Sign: GX03Steam name: ߷Berserkerpups߷Discord ID Name: Berserkerpups#7873 Activity: Mega Active
  2. +/- Support = As stated above you could've waited an extra day but it's good - I like that event were we could get NATO or other outside armed forces into it - Active - Was recently struck a couple of days ago (5 Days) for Command Disrespect which wouldn't be tolerated in the event time
  3. +Support +Knows lore +Is active in-game and on forums +Has a great deal of time in the community + Has good reasons why he should be chosen - Could've just explained one event to us that had a good structure and not a whole lot of "mini-events" that don't have a lot of structure/story to it
  4. +Support this would help new people that really don't know their way around EZ
  5. -Support - Your event isn't really possible the foundation would most likely terminate the 173 clones and there can't be 2 049's unless you are talking about 049-2, either way, they would just decay so there really won't be a main goal here. - You don't really talk about why you want to be apart of the event team. - Personally, haven't seen you on that much - You should be sure about your warns use !warn or !warns in chat -/+ Could use some experience + Decent in Lore
  6. I wondered that to but didn't really care bout it
  7. Have fun, we won't let you down
  8. Good test with this aleks *cough* I mean skela sorry still a little confused about that.
  9. +Support - Active In Game and on Forums - I like the reasons of why you want to be apart of the team - Know the rules - Has knowledge of Lore - The Event can use a little work with creativity Overall, I think you can do a great job with us -Event Team Member Tony
  10. Bro This was last years update it's been a bit lmao
  11. Name on roster: Not even on the roster but it would be Tony Rank on roster: CPL How active are you: Mega Active What can Security improve on? Security can improve on closing doors and sending out a little bit more patrols. Listening to higher-ups. Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) Why you should keep me in security is that I am responsible and that I am mature on the job and try to get stuff done. That and I am a very big body and can help when I am needed to help as I am either playing as D-Class, CI, or Gensec, That or doin events.