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  1. Naval Name: Naval MO JPO Lin Naval Rank: Junior Petty Officer Date you joined: i believe 4 months ago? Last promotion? (date & person who promoted you): about 1-2 months ago? i can't fully remember. How is your activity (be honest): i have been very inactive, but i want to change that. i don't want to lose the only tie to medical i have when i spent so much time putting into med. Do you have any Naval strikes?: nope! if you haven't got on please tell me why?: well, i've been on and off of LOA for over a month now because of multiple surgeries, complications and a weak vocal cord that makes it hard for me to speak. i am just now starting to come back on, little by little, as much as i can handle. it doesn't help the fact that i am also a commander, of course, which steals away from my naval time considerably, so i'm trying to find a fair balance.
  2. of course ? my vice commanders always receive vehicle training and usually some medical training as i belive they should be well-versed in all areas. no need to worry
  3. +/- support while i think it could be very nice to give 212th a new job and draw in more members (which i want to happen), it feels... unnecessary? we already have two recon battalions and many battalions have an arf class. it's a nice idea for variety, but not very fitting for an attack battalion. i'm not sure if we need more arf. either way, good luck to 212th! i wish the best for u guys ? -lin/gree
  4. +SUPPORT as commander gree, i fully support this! i believe that vice commanders should be vehicle trained and have access to those vehicles. please make this a thing! -lin
  5. +Support If you are to be accepted and leave my battalion, I will miss you GREATLY as a 41st. Your time with us is valued. You're a good guy and so dedicated to ARC! I hope you get the position because you deserve it ? And I would gladly trust you with any battalion. Good luck! -lin/gree
  6. Drum roll please. +++You're ACCEPTED!+++ Please talk to DIO or another High Command to receive CCT. Congratulations on Vice Commander! You are our 2nd Vice Commander and will become Cooker. VCMDR slots for 41st our now filled. I'm proud of you, Lime, I'm glad I could finally welcome you to the BXO+ life ?
  7. Alright so I just talked with DIO because I thought High Command had to authorize this. I was wrong. Sorry about that. Drum roll please. +++You're ACCEPTED!+++ Please talk to DIO or another High Command to receive CCT. Congratulations on Vice Commander ?
  8. +SUPPORT! I would love to have you on the team as my Vice Commander! You're fun, helpful and show good leadership. I like your "fair and square" policy. It's time for the 41st to lead as a good example. This application is beyond excellent. I don't know if you already told me this and I just forgot, but I didn't realize you have been a Commander before... My answer? A phat yes. I will be awaiting High Command's authority to enlist you as BXO.
  9. I feel as though given the 38th a pilot job would take away from the 104th. Their whole thing is piloting and the EVO. And again, adding medics seems unneeded! You have such versatile jobs already, I feel like medics would not fit with your pro-quo.
  10. - a good boi - active - helpful and tons of potential, he'd be super awesome as bly - passionate about the 327th
  11. With added changes, it will make things better for CTs. Having better CTs and good CT Officers will benefit the entire base. Also, DLT-19 is fine because 41st ARF has DLT-19.
  12. In-Game Name: 41st EC Commander Gree 1004 PL (Previously: 41st EC EML VCMDR Lin 1965 PL) SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/warriorangel4god/ Rank: 41st Elite Corps Commander Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): until friday (may 17) will return on the weekend! Reason for LOA: this is my final week before summer. i've got finals and i'm attending the graduation ceremony of my senior friends. but i wanted to open up to y'all a bit, because i know that my activity has been really in-and-out for the past month and a half, with me taking an extended loa and just being inconsistent in my activity in general as of late. my closest friends already know my situation. in april, my grandmother moved out and left me and my mother in an extremely precarious finacial, emotional and mental situation. this is the reason of my first loa in april. then just this monday, my family dog of 10+ years passed away very traumatically. i understand that it may be frustrating that i've been gone so long. i just want to say that i am extremely grateful to be in this community, to be a commander of my battalion, and i am sorry for these inconsistencies!!! but summer comes very VERY soon for me and i will be back full force :P this is lin, signing off. thanks!
  13. In-game name: Naval Recruit Lin Rank: Naval Recruit Date you joined (roughly): May 8, 2019 Division (if you are not PO+ just place N/A): Currently N/A Last time you were active as VC: 2 days ago Tell me why you should stay on VC (min 50 words)?: I very recently joined Naval with the intention of climbing the ranks and becoming a valuable asset to the medical division. I have a great passion for medical roleplay and want to be a part of its comeback, smoothing out the "ruffled edges," tweaking anything that needs changes and helping other medics be the best they can be! I also have an interest in assisting with any administrative needs when I am not doing medical or am on my 41st life, as well as implementing more passive roleplay that we may be lacking in.