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  1. Drum roll please. +++You're ACCEPTED!+++ Please talk to DIO or another High Command to receive CCT. Congratulations on Vice Commander! You are our 2nd Vice Commander and will become Cooker. VCMDR slots for 41st our now filled. I'm proud of you, Lime, I'm glad I could finally welcome you to the BXO+ life
  2. Alright so I just talked with DIO because I thought High Command had to authorize this. I was wrong. Sorry about that. Drum roll please. +++You're ACCEPTED!+++ Please talk to DIO or another High Command to receive CCT. Congratulations on Vice Commander
  3. +SUPPORT! I would love to have you on the team as my Vice Commander! You're fun, helpful and show good leadership. I like your "fair and square" policy. It's time for the 41st to lead as a good example. This application is beyond excellent. I don't know if you already told me this and I just forgot, but I didn't realize you have been a Commander before... My answer? A phat yes. I will be awaiting High Command's authority to enlist you as BXO.
  4. I feel as though given the 38th a pilot job would take away from the 104th. Their whole thing is piloting and the EVO. And again, adding medics seems unneeded! You have such versatile jobs already, I feel like medics would not fit with your pro-quo.
  5. - a good boi - active - helpful and tons of potential, he'd be super awesome as bly - passionate about the 327th
  6. With added changes, it will make things better for CTs. Having better CTs and good CT Officers will benefit the entire base. Also, DLT-19 is fine because 41st ARF has DLT-19.
  7. In-Game Name: 41st EC Commander Gree 1004 PL (Previously: 41st EC EML VCMDR Lin 1965 PL) SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/warriorangel4god/ Rank: 41st Elite Corps Commander Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): until friday (may 17) will return on the weekend! Reason for LOA: this is my final week before summer. i've got finals and i'm attending the graduation ceremony of my senior friends. but i wanted to open up to y'all a bit, because i know that my activity has been really in-and-out for the past month and a half, with me taking an extended loa and just being inconsistent in my activity in general as of late. my closest friends already know my situation. in april, my grandmother moved out and left me and my mother in an extremely precarious finacial, emotional and mental situation. this is the reason of my first loa in april. then just this monday, my family dog of 10+ years passed away very traumatically. i understand that it may be frustrating that i've been gone so long. i just want to say that i am extremely grateful to be in this community, to be a commander of my battalion, and i am sorry for these inconsistencies!!! but summer comes very VERY soon for me and i will be back full force :P this is lin, signing off. thanks!
  8. In-game name: Naval Recruit Lin Rank: Naval Recruit Date you joined (roughly): May 8, 2019 Division (if you are not PO+ just place N/A): Currently N/A Last time you were active as VC: 2 days ago Tell me why you should stay on VC (min 50 words)?: I very recently joined Naval with the intention of climbing the ranks and becoming a valuable asset to the medical division. I have a great passion for medical roleplay and want to be a part of its comeback, smoothing out the "ruffled edges," tweaking anything that needs changes and helping other medics be the best they can be! I also have an interest in assisting with any administrative needs when I am not doing medical or am on my 41st life, as well as implementing more passive roleplay that we may be lacking in.
  9. This application is being posted on behalf of my Commander (41st Commander Gree/DIO) due to his country being I.P banned from the forums, this is not my application. Name: D I O SteamID: STEAM_1:1:120135053 Rank (Must be LTC+) 41st Commander Why do you want to be a General?: I want to be a General due to the lack of Generals in charge of the Recon section of the army and I think I'll be of greater help to the community that way, assisting Commanders with whatever problems they have and overall trying to solve minor problems that could happen in the future. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I believe due to my commitment to my regiment, I am a proactive person and I have a geniune interest in helping battalions and from my current position I can't do much, I also have been working on some of my issues with RP and overall changing my personality towards it. Along with the fact that I've had months of experience as Commander and previous experience as a High Command member on other communities. How often can you be online?: Weekdays: Regular activity due to work and school projects. Weekends: Very active. How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: 1 Warning (Issued during an event months ago) PS: I understand I might not seem like much and sometimes I get sidetracked (Joking around) but I believe that I can learn on the way if given the chance.
  10. whitelists for the 41st have not been fixed yet! as a bxo, whenever i attempt to whitelist someone for a 41st job or clone trooper job i find myself still unable to. i just get that strange "open menu" thing that pops up. the same applies for other officers and our commander himself. i understand that the whitelist is still undergoing some changes but having to constantly ask for a staff member is both a hassle to me and our busy staff, so i would just like to bring this to attention! thank you :) i hope this becomes resolved soon, i would appreciate a reply on when this may get fixed if possible <3 thanks staff vice commander lin signing off
  11. 1. What is your IGN?: 41st EC ARF CML CPT Lin 1965 (Steam Name: WarriorAngel4God) 2. Why do you want to be a BXO of this branch?: To assist BCO Gree in leading the battalion and being a committed right-hand man to him, there to help him with whatever he needs. I want to help guide my fellow troopers in combat, outside of combat, during roleplay and outside of roleplay. I want to be someone that troopers can come to when they have a question or need something. I want to be someone that the 41st feel they can trust and will not judge them. I want to lead tryouts, ARF training and CM training. 3. What is the main purpose of a BXO for a branch?: To be an assisting officer to the commander, to lead the battalion as a valiant second-in-command, to care for troopers and to train them to become the best 41st they can be. A BXO should always set an excellent example of their battalion and for other troopers. 4. Why should we trust you to be a BXO?: I am loyal to the 41st. I only have pure intentions to help out as a fellow trooper and to be there for my battalion. I have no wishes nor intent to break rules, minge, be controlling, rude or power-hungry. I do not see myself as better for having a higher rank and will always treat everybody with the same amount of respect! 5. How often can you be Online?: At least 4-5 times a week. Generally, my activity is almost daily. I have only recently been less active due to school and ACT testing but my activity should increase afterwards. 6. Do you have any warnings? (What for?): Nope! ?