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  1. Coltable you forgot about your button, its the one labeled, TURN ON GLOBAL HITBOXES, its right next to the BALANCE GUNS, and the NERF THE GOLF CLUB buttons.
  2. just so you know the off server fee for playermodels is included in the 150$ mb addition
  3. Steam ID is incorrect it should be formatted like this STEAM_0:0:4135355
  4. -Support The negatives severely outweigh the benefits here, although you may have shown promise the type of behavior you have been exhibiting recently has been toxic, and inflammatory. Take some time, fix your behavior, follow your orders (which is very important in RRH), and stop going behind commands back, and hey maybe if you stopped blatantly asking for promotions you might get one. I recommend joining wardens to get some experience guarding VIPs and following orders. If you can make it there you’ll have a better chance in RRH. -Former RRH Guardian Whiskey 11
  5. thats included in size fee
  6. Greg's Resignation. Regretfully I have lost interest in the server. I'll be back so I'm not gonna right too much here. Goodbye for now. Coltable/Igneous - You've both been amazing managers. The work you put into the server is just crazy. Thanks for all the updates. Skela - The most chad guy on SCP-RP. Bye bozo. Hoovy - An amazing leader of the community, funny and you do so much work and get along with everyone. I don't know if I'll ever get to be able to RPG jump but thanks for trying to show me how. Twix - You are perfect for DoL but the candy sucks. Pick Snickers or something. Consario [RETIRED] - You inspired medical to steal everyones kidneys. Sixx - You were JCMD when I first joined and then I resigned and I come back to you being HoS? Good work man for DoRS, you've been doing amazing on the server for so long and I loved working under you. Don’t take 4 years for O5. The site needs you. Mind - Sticking with the server for this long takes some serious dedication, You've deserved HoS for a long time. Akrew - I don’t see much of you cause timezones but when I do you always brighten my day. Jack Crest - The best Jack. Dude, neither of us were there for you getting DHoS. Rurikovic - You are great dude, professional and hardworking, Also an amazing voice. Coolcaz - Really only interacted with you while I was an NCO and homeschooled because timezone differences, but you were super active on black ops. You’ll do great man. Julias - One of my true friends, the late night convos were unmatched. Keep at it for me? Drizzle - Same as above, except I could see you really enjoying D5. Monk - Great guy, I really hope to see you get bitches one day. Stuwuby - Great warden, stick with it dude! You’ll do amazing in HCMD one day. Cardigan - You kill me on D-Class way to often man. Iri - You are an amazing member of the community man. Come back soon? ZJ - So many promotions. So many times I wanted to promote someone they were on cooldown from you. You are also the oldest guy on the server, they might have to instate a senior discount for you. Nova - I can easily see you becoming command one day, keep it up.
  7. Right? Same thing happened to me. No one wants to role play for a hostage.
  8. Grеg

    Greg LOA

    Name: Greg Rank: 1lt SVFTO Warden Name: Arcadius/Silvius Length: 4/8 Reason: Don’t want to get too burnt out | Want to be very hyped for summer You know how it be. I’ll see y’all around the discord and server maybe.
  9. Alright this is getting ridiculous. Quit it!
  10. Hopefully once you turn 9 you can come back ;(
  11. Lmao Dude says MRDM isn’t acceptable in his post
  12. This is very unprofessional. It’s absurd that he wouldn’t even get a reason.
  13. Oof I don’t check forums on Saturday, Mine is the ocean, Subnautica skeeves me the fuck out it’s terrible.
  14. Name: Greg Rank: 1LT SteamID (Ex: STEAM_0:1:174348602): STEAM_0:0:41309677 Current Sub-Branches your in: Wardens Decantus, SVFTO, Juggernaut, Riot Control, Sniper, CCU. Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): I've been active doing my duties as a command member and working to better the branch. I have recently assisted security HCMD with my logo design work as well as thoughts on changes. I make suggestions to help push security to be one of the most welcoming and appealing branches. I use tactics to dodge around and flank targets within the site able to defeat the foundations enemies even if they outgun us. Because I work frequently with new players and escorting them through the server I accrued the position of SVFTO. I remain professional in situations and talk with other branches to improve relations. I have been doing my duties without issue for several months now with no issues. I have solved numerous arguments between Command, NCOs, and Enlisted. I put my best foot forward every day and am planning on staying on Gaminglight for a long time and am very excited about this summer. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?
  15. I would say good luck but you don’t need it. You’re one of the hardest working people here doing so much for Staff and Nova. Good Job. o7
  16. It’s a house on an island by Iceland, I love rock climbing and those rocks seem like it would be perfect.
  17. It only has 5000 health, it’s really not hard to kill, GENSEC decimated one with just a couple people. You just have to go down a long hallway and use shotguns and it goes down easy.
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