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  1. I made one and forgot i had mee6 to announce streams on twitch, i went livexon rocket league and seconds late the server was gone. Th3 was in my server teehee.
  2. Yeah, im resigning from my rank. I am doing this to fix my garrys mod and expand the games that ilI play. I know it sucks and yall will miss be but ill still be there in your hearts I hope to see you guys later. Love you all don't bully corner cause he epic man. Have fun doing your reasearch and test peace From, David the Plum
  3. +support idk if i can support but ye u are good Researcher and very active, i tink you would het accepted
  4. My loa over yay idk what to put here add me on Insta
  5. Yeah gonna do test on scps and be active <3