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  1. +Support +Very friendly +Active (for the most part) +Loves to help others +/- tends to seclude himself in private channels Best Of Luck! ~Love Infected <3
  2. Weareinfected


    The reason i had striked you was for joining the CI channel in TS and you were saying "Imagine almost getting striked" and "imagine having to do PT for breaking NLR twice" I had told you the first time that entering their channel and saying "imagine almost being striked, have fun with that" is extremely childish of you and your lucky I don't strike you for doing that, and afterwards you joined again and they asked you politely to leave and then asked you if you were in CI, when you were on the NTF job at the moment, and they asked you to get on the job to be in this channel and you went ahead and decided to say "i'd rather not get on and be with people that are below me" and then you continued to say "imagine having to do PT for breaking NLR twice and to have fun doing it" and the CI members just nudged it off and told you to have a good day and I pm'ed you again saying "I just told you to not do that, you shouldn't have done it" and went ahead and striked you. I apologize if it wasn't obvious or direct enough that you shouldn't have done it and I had told you to stop and you proceeded to do It again. If you would like please come speak to me in TS to have this resolved.
  3. +Support Great guy Very active Good attitude. Definitely fit for the the role Overall a good dude Best Of Luck! ~ Infected <3
  4. +Support Nimo generally is a good person, many people hold him for his past experiences/problems I currently have been friends with nimo ever since I joined SCPRP and I have noticed a very LARGE change in his behavior ever since we first met, he is active, good listener, and very respectable when he wants to be. He could use some time to change but couldn't we all? We all know deep down inside there is a little room for change and we definitely should give nimo a shot at this; and hey, This opportunity could be a great impact on how nimo behaves in the future. Best of luck! ~ Infected <3
  5. DENIED Please come speak to me in TeamSpeak regarding this resignation. Love infected
  6. Brooooooooooooooooom ERRRRRRK. “Gets out of car” bruh “gets back in car” Nyoooooooooom
  7. Sad to see you go crimmy ~ Infected
  8. +/- Dont see them ingame often really nice app could use some more time on the server i like how you tried to avoid advertising, that’s really professional of you. GoodLuck! ~Infected
  9. +Support overall a really nice person, see them on very often and enjoy having talks with them when I can, or when he is raiding and attempting to kidnap me, to continue, never had encountered him while staffing but he is always making sure people follow rules and is on the case the moment someone does break a rule. Good luck! ~Infected
  10. -Support I sometimes tend to have reports on you and you sometimes don’t do what your told and go behind others backs and the fact I had to get on to you yesterday for doing what I told you not to do doesn’t show many signs of maturing. Good luck
  11. Weareinfected

    I'm back guys!

    Welcome back buddy
  12. Have a good life god, you will be missed.