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  1. This is more of a public question What was your story, what all did you go through in SCPRP to get to where you are now and are you satisfied. Hello, Most of you may know me as Infected other may know me as O5-5 an here is my story. I Joined gaminglight in hopes of finding a good server to mess around on and not have to take to serious but I got sucked in, my first few weeks on the server were very... interesting, not like your other SCPrp servers. I've always been interested in the whole "being an SCP and killing people" jig, so when I first joined I didn't want to wait for levels so I bought some, with the levels now purchased I had access to almost every job but I wanted more. Bronze, then silver, then gold, then diamond. I said to myself that I should stop spending money on this server but then I met this new Zealand, goes by the name of Rangiatea (Spire) and he made fun of me because of how the diamond rank was spelt incorrectly at the time. I said "that's it ima buy platinum just because your annoying as hell" and I did. I Slowly started to get bored of the SCP rp and decided to become an Nu7 Juggernaut, back when Tumz was commander he allowed me into Nu7. I didn't go through Gensec I was trained on the spot as a jug. I got into Nu7 and got promoted to PVT Instantly because I knew how to put on my outfit correctly, unlike the others. From then on out I strived for more, I wanted more so I kept pushing. Spending maybe 6--7 hours on the server daily and working my butt off for promotions. As many of you may know I was a mute until I became VCMDR of Nu7; we will get to that in a minute though. As a PVT you just want to pass the others, beat them, do anything to become better than the rest. So I did. I slowly got promoted upto LCPL then CPL and then SGT and so on. After reaching the rank of gunnery SGT, GYNSGT I think it was, I guess site administration saw something in me and they felt I should go up. When I had reached gunnery Nu7 slowly started to die and this was with a good friend named nimo, he was a CPL when I passed him in ranking and I don't think he enjoyed that very much, especially when I stole his VCMDR spot, Muahahah, carrying on. Once I became VCMDR I slowly started to talk, slowly but surely. When I made the ranking of VCMDR I met this dude that went by the name of blackbeard, pretty cool guy. When me and him got into command Nu7 prospered, it was growing. Nu7 VCMDR was easily the most slowest job I had to do I guess you could say, I did little to no work. For some reason after a month or two site administration thought it would be a good idea to move me upto DoC after hoopla resigned from it, idk why, but they did. Once I reached DoC I was caught, no turning back now, so I kept going. DoC had me very, very, busy. People came to me about everything, literally everything. One person asked me who I think was prettier so he could go on a date with on or the other and other members would come to me about suicide feels and depression, which I hated. I really disliked the rank of DoC because it put so much on you. After a good 2-3 months I became the Deputy Site Director, FINALLY, Getting away from DoC! So many people came to me still because we didn't have a DoC yet but that was ok. We had finally got ahold of a DoC and after that I moved up again, I was a big boy. Site Director Infected. After a LONG ass time we had finally chosen Dogz as Deputy Site Director, Blackbeard as DoC, and I think Bread as Nu7 CMDR. This was it, this it when it all goes down. A good solid 4-5 months later I was promoted to O5, yea that's right, O5. Top Dog Amongst the other amazing O5 I stood as a baby not knowing much as what I was able to do but I had the other 4 to sit there and help me learn. Igneous the Shoe stealer (Pretty bad at Rocket League). Jeffe the hentai addict, Kade the raising canes chicken cook, and Th3 the big head bandit. Weird combination but we got along fine. To answer if I am satisfied, im not sure. But what I am satisfied about is getting to meet all the wonderful people along this amazing journey and how much everything has changed now being with GL for almost a year. It'd be great to look at all of your stories so please put them below, I hope you enjoyed. Cya!
  2. am i really this threatening
  3. Cya buddy it was fun being chased, +40 roll saved my life. It’s been fun and I hope you have a good ass life man. Farewell!
  4. It made me really sad typing this out, not going to lie. Nimo your a Minge, but that’s what makes you unique, you not like the rest of them you are certainly one of a kind. You glowed much brighter than everyone else and you always had that little touch to make anyone in the channel laugh, whether it be inappropriate or plain out stupid. I will miss the good times we had growing up together and laughing are asses off at the dumbest shit one or the other did. It truly saddens me to see you go, you went from the bottom to the top in fashion and you damn well went out with a bang. I really dislike writing goodbye messages in general but this one hits close. I’m gonna miss your smartass remarks and the dumb shit you’d say such as “What does monkey cum smell like” and so on. I appreciate you having my back as close as I had yours, it’s hard to find some good people in this world anymore and I’d be damned if someone said you weren’t good. I hope what I wrote relays a message close to heart and that we can still play sometimes. Nimo, I wish you the best of luck out there! Make me proud by coming back to GL one day and have lots of new things to tell me and your friends. Again, farewell good friend and I hope life treats you as well as you treated me.
  5. Corner an I go way back, he is a very nice and understanding. I would love to work alongside corner.
  6. you forgot about your Pimp Daddy Infected, not gonna lie it was a fun ride with you. Me and you go way back and I respect that, you were always a good friend and I wish you the best in life.
  7. -Support -Very Messy application -New to the server -Q15 is way under word requirement -Q16 Little to no effort -It seems like you only want your staff application for a quick access to donator ranks because you clearly state that you will buy VIP if you don’t get the staff rank. -In general you definitely need to work harder on your future applications and follow the rules when it comes to applying. Good luck