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  1. Omg Yasssss Active as Fuck Responsible Respectable by most Great leading skill Can be Trust with not fucking the 104th Remember im always Watching immmm always watching~Texas(old wolffe)
  2. My homie NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN Its my DUDE xD love u mean see u later :) First Firend me
  3. Alright u guys have a Wonderful Day with whatever the fuck you guys do on the server now,
  4. in Truth you don't care what anyone says.+ anytime someone huffs and puffs u get off ur "High Chair".
  5. I was in 327th SSGTThen 187th to SSGT Then 104th to commander Not to Count a few bans here and there
  6. Part 1*this so u can Listen to what I was when I was Writing this also its sick as Fuck*- Part 2- Part 1 and 2- Alright boy in about 28mins*the time of making this* ill get on talk a last walk around the ship with my boys*the 104th* as Commander Wolffe then Ill resign from commander. Next will come is a Joyful thing for the rest ye Ill be doing a game on Cards Against Humanly online Winner gets 1mil!!! Jedi you will get Some Shit too stuff that I've Bought for you and you alone I will give to you but First come first severed.Ill give stuff to Hotshot and China Say my goodbyes then go.I Will Always Hold a place in my Heart for you guys I love Most of u. Part 3- Part 3- High Command Please listen to me when I say this Listen to you Commanders Ik the might be Lower Ranks but there trying to help their Battalion and ik you guy cant always be there but u must give 150%.You guys some times don't show the best but I beat you guys don't care. However you guys should care how your server is doing.Every step you guys take has an effect on the server For EX Spike you demo Spike First off The fuck second off Yes ik he was talking be hide you backs*Guess what That what EVERYONE Does* its a Magical thing called Life* in Commander meeting *btw He wasn't rlly he was saying how he didn't see y we had Gens*.Then we move on to Raven Yes Omg Yes Ik he was a talker But He was Might over and over I Saw it Myself not form 5th fleet FROM A FUCKING BG You guys Should fucking hold yourselves Higher! And before u say I have done it that your as Guilty And ik I am But im a commander Aka I lead my battalion not Fucking 4-6 or what ever the fuck numbers u guys have.Then he was Ban for standing up and yes ik he Yelled at you but he does that when he mad wont you be.So the point is please get better Im saying this Because I care How you guys do and how the server does.
  7. FIRST! I got his money too ? Love u spike best of Luck friend ill be visiting u some times
  8. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - I wish to see more maps to this server.I would like to see more rp to the server as well.And to see the server full again Why should we add it? - We need new things to go to We keep going to the same maps over and over and over again its getting old and boring....If we have these new maps or at least some of them we can have a lot more fun on this server then ever before also this can help the GMs Make New ideas What are the advantages of having this? - Yes We can have a lot more ideas and fun on this server.It add so much more rp and fun to the server. Who is it mainly for? - The server and gm so we get more fun and ideas out of this server. Links to any content - GM Arid Valley V2 Day- gm_balkans- GM_BigIsland- gm_emp_escort- gm_fork- GM_MARSH- GM Range D6- gm_Valley- rp_betaworkshl2- rp_outercanals_v3- Spaceship-
  9. +1 This would add so much rp and add new things to us!
  10. +1 THIS CAN HELP WITH RP SO MUCH. We don't rlly have to use /me to check IDs anymore use roll!!! this Would Make sure People know what Clearance they are..
  11. It was at the end of the war it wonted rlly if in but It get people to join and give new jobs to us that can be fun to use
  12. +1/-1 I have Seen u on a lot but you been given to many chances by Hoovy Yet We need Gm rn with good events People are leaving at a EVERY Fast rate.We need to stop the bleeding before this server dies...…..