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  1. From my time on the server i have witnessed the abuse he is talking about. I agree that his command restriction be lifted.  This Goes both ways Admins Please Stop Abusing your Power .And before you say it Yes I do know you all don't do it.There always going to be bad apples on this server No matter what. I've seen and gotten Abutment happening. I would get as Pissed as Cypher would have this is a server I love with a fiery Passion so please Stop Fighting and Fix this server.We can make this great once more. And he pic that not needed he's Just Reporting stuff to you A SUPER ADMIN About staff stuff.Yes I do get that he should go to Invaiffed About this but he cant always be on to deal with you.The next person he should go to about hes damn problems is the GOD damn GA*grand Admiral*. And Before anyone gets up on your High Horse and say He causes the Drama maybe it Could have been avoided if you a High Ranking Man did his job.And Not to even Say the Stacks that you made of Drama FYI Im not saying im Perfect we all aren't We All Have casued Drama in this State. RAven is trying to make 104th Better but there a problem with someone that ends up out of hand. That's a Cause of Both Sides not just one.Thank you for Reading this~Texas Please If you have any Questions and want to talk about this any more please talk to me
  2. +support Active Great RPer want the best for 5th fleet this boy deserves a chance Also sexy ass Voice.
  3. I cant find the Byw Dog Emoji so here u go
  4. May new say is in this is +1 Its change and change is Bond to us to happen.+ We can always go back if things don't go well or we can change stuff around
  5. Questions 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) :104th CPT Texas VC PT 1599 2. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I wish to carry the Torch that is the 104th. I have a dream to make 104th to best active battalion and keep it that way. I would love to teach new and old people some new things. One of the thing I love the most in my life is 104th.The 104th has shown nothing but greatness since I joined 3 months ago*yes ik I was gone for almost 2 months*.I would like to see a active commander that will risk anything in life to get on. Hopefully you guys would like to see the same. I would love to bring more rp and more fun to 104th. 3. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? Well the clear answer is taking Command. But, I Like to think there’s more to it. You as a commander need to make sure your Troopers are ok. You as a commander need to watch over them you are there Roof on there heads. Sometimes yes you need to yell at them but you have to do that to make sure there's order and discipline in the Battalion. 4. Why should we trust you to be a commander?:I’ve been on everyday when I wasn't on LOA .I’ve Not only been 104th commander before on other but a many many more commanders for other battalions. I’ve Leaded 104th so many successful Mission since I was a mere SGT. I’ve been trusted by every commander in 104th *that I mean China and Raven* 5. How often can you be Online? :Everyday unless on LOA Monday - Thursday(3/4pm-9:30pm),Friday(3/4pm-10/12pm),Saturday(9/10am-10/13pm),Sunday(9/10 am-9:30 pm). 6. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) :AO CMDR Codiii (RDM x2|Minge|FailRp| Tue Oct 30 Reason I did this when I was a CT Minging around not knowing what much But that doesn't Make up for what I did. Moving on I have Player Diss Sun Jan 20 I was a SGT in 104th After this I like to think I Sharpen up since then. This is the link you can check on FWI:As Of Right Now I am Grounded For Grounds Should be back Friday or next week Ill Up Date any Higher up if it takes more then that. Also Alpha Other High Command Gave me Perms to put this up. Use the Above Format for your Application, and post it in the commander applications section DO NOT ASK FOR +SUPPORTS! IF YOU ARE CAUGHT YOU WILL BE DENIED! I Edited it To add the Link.
  6. +1 -Active -Mature great Rper -WONDERFUL WOLFFE. -U get this and u can do so much GOOd With it
  7. +1/-1 I get ur trying to make changes for the better but Ur kinda fucking over 104th......Unless the Flame Trooper will have a Z-6 then We cant Try use the flame trooper unless were very close and before u say get up and Personal thing about being under firer not only from the droids but closing firer from Friendlies....We need medics to keep us alive during the defense while the other medics r busy helping the attacking forces. Heavy it helps us get people also hold off large attacks.1 heavy can help so much in the battle field while defending. Spike if u want to go more death on this topic let me know.Ill be in game 4-9pm weekdays and 8am-12pm on weekends.Also might I add if fucking heavy gets fucked over and medic then i'm fucking Done with 104th All the Process that we been trying to do would be Fucked*that being all the new people that we've been getting from what we have. Also many of r good people would say fuck you*to the 104th* and go over to Some other battalion that has the stuff they want.
  8. -1 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  9. +1 Mega Support It can help Defend also attack*when we have to* It help us more stand out It can help us get more People that wanting to join Great Model Great Shield
  10. +omegasupport Active old GM has good ideas #maketheservergreatagain
  11. +Support -Ready -Active -Responsible  -Minge level has gone down
  12. +1 We went on this map before I loved it.Your able to make a long ass event with this.And make it fun for all
  13. +1 Support Why not give them a Test run. And if shit hits the fan we can just go back to the old ones
  14. The Ture Texas


    +1 Support But Only of certainranks rn + no one Buys it rlly anymore...……...