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  1. Your In-game: SS DSAIC Charlie XB1 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:444734228 The admin's name in-game: Game Theorist The admin's steam name (If you know it): What warning did you receive: RDM x1 Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Attached Why do you think this warn was false: I feel that this warn is false. I was on Secret Service and two people came up towards the President so I issued them warnings: Back Away or KOS/AOS Warn 1/2/3. With this, the people did back up however, they did not leave the vicinity of the President (We were outside by the old Whitehouse on Outskirts). Anyways, since they did not leave the general vicinity of the President, myself and GeneralDoge started opening fire. We killed the two and once revived, they refused to get handcuffed. To add on, @therealdredgen saw the whole thing go on while on duty and decided not to warn me. Any extra information: N/A
  2. Please Welcome the Following people into Dispatch! Dredgen Cameron T Cody (Please Speak to me in TS.) Welcome to Dispatch! Please Contact either Myself (Charlie) or Nucleus to get trained!) -Head Dispatcher Charlie
  3. Please welcome the following into the Rockford City Dispatch: Clint Eastwood
  4. +support Teamspeak is one of GL most used platforms for communication. In here there are meetings and trainings that he cannot participate in. He was banned quite a while ago and feel he has learned his lesson. He should not have entered a channel and mic spammed but, honestly, everyone makes mistakes. Goodluck.
  5. Rank You are Applying For: Lieutenant In-Game Name: Charlie/Charlit SteamID: Current Rank: Sergeant Major How long have you been in your current rank?: Since March 25th ish (12 weeks) What timezone are you in?: EST How many Warns do you have?: 4 Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): Personally, I feel that I should be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant for many reasons. The first one is activity. Personally, I feel I am extremely active on the server. Despite being mostly on Secret Service, I feel I can still make a difference as a member of PD Low Command. Secondly, I feel that I am very nice and easily approachable. I am always able to ask questions and feel that nobody is worried to ask me questions. Thirdly, I have my experience. I am a past Captain in EMS, a current DSAIC in Secret Service, a CAT Lieutenant, a Head FTO in Secret Service and Dispatch, and my Head Dispatcher Rank in Dispatch. I was also a past Moderator on PRP. I will end off this part of the applications with things that I will primarily focus on. First off, activity. As an active member of Police RP, I am able to recognize people's skill, activity and decide if they are worthy of a promotion. Along side this, I am also active on Teamspeak, and the Forums. In TeamSpeak, I can always be asked questions and will hopefully be able to answer them all. Alongside my activity, I am also active on the PD discord and can help on there (Rank #1 ). I can help answer all questions where ever they are asked. Unfortunately, there can be many mistakes that some of the lower ranking officers can do. As a command member, I feel that I could receive a bit more authority and some of the lower ranks may actually pay more attention to me. I will be sure to point out their mistake and tell them what they did wrong and say how they can fix it. I also take few LOAs Furthermore, I feel that I am one of the nicest people around. I feel that lower ranks can always ask me questions without being worried about being yelled at (as they should not about any command member). In most of my encounters with people, none of them seem sad or angry about my attitude. Although this is a small section, I feel it is very important. Experience: Myself, I have been a command member of different departments 3 times; Dispatch, Secret Service, CAT (if you will) and EMS. As a command member of each of these departments come different things. As a command member of dispatch, I am to hold meetings sometimes by myself or with Yobo. If I am on Dispatch, I need to keep my composure, something I have barely lost at ALL on the server. As a Command Member of Secret Service/ CAT, I need to be sure to know who is where and tell them what to do without sounding too bossy. In EMS, I had to watch over how my other medics were doing and what they were doing. Although not feeling like a member of command, I still demonstrated leadership. Also, in Dispatch and Secret Service, I am a Head FTO. In these departments, I am to oversee how people are training and receive Feedback from trainees. As a LT, I could do the same thing even though a LT or Captain can promote to MSGT, I can still pass on the word to a Major+. Or if I get Major, I can promote people above MSGT. Finally, my goals as a PD command: -Roleplay: I have seen many lower ranks should up in a 10-38 with a taser/pistol out, although telling them as a supervisor, I still don't feel that they actually listen. It is things like this that I will be speaking about -Radio Usage: As a Dispatch Command member and hopefully a PD Command member, I will be able to punish people if they do not use the radio correctly on patrol 1 or patrol 2 (Of course giving them a chance). Unfortunately, some people do get a bit upset when people use the radio incorrectly including my dispatchers. -Respect: Also, many people have been very disrespectful to other people or departments. I will have a low tolerance to disrespect if I hear it. You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes Thank you all for reading this application, -Sergeant Major Charlie/Charlit 1C73
  6. I am nearly 100% Sure that he did not get 38 warns in under 48 hours. Something that has happened to many is how someone's play time resets. This is why I am +Supporting this Ban Appeal. I swear it is nearly impossible to have 38 warnings in under 48 hours of play time. Of course, I completely understand where Willy is coming from.
  7. Honestly, +Support Although 38 warns is quite high, he still has NOT reached the 40 warn limit. Along side this, there have been many people who have had OVER 60 warns. I suggest lower the ban to maybe 2-3 weeks. Also, Once he is Unbanned, I suggest we keep a close eye on him -Charlie
  8. + Support -Mature -Been a CPT for a while -Although I haven't seen you online, you posting this leads me to believe its just because of Timezones.
  9. This is a very ambitious suggestion. I love the entire idea of it however, I have a few problems with it. This idea can hurt DOC whenever they do Prisoner Transport (I understand that they will only transport high priority criminals), Judge protection may get boring as nobody goes to kill the judge. Finally, Witness Protection, I feel that this will only really work if people want to RP it out. However I feel few people will want to. +/- Support
  10. Hello, So, its been a very good run in EMS and I just don't have the drive to come on it anymore, this explains my Inactivity. I enjoyed EMS. From my Application getting accepted, Cashtag training me, my Promotion by Timememememes to Head Paramedic at the end of his 48h notice and of course High Command on my promotion to Command. Although in command, I did not feel like I was in command. I also feel that I am not that good of a command member in EMS; I will be missing most meetings, and, I am just inactive on EMS. For the future of the EMS, I feel that the Low Command spots NEED to be smaller, much smaller. I'd say at most 8 Low Command Spots with the 4 High Command spots. Finally, I just want to thank everyone in this department, you all helped out. Once again, thank you. -The Char of the Lit. Side note, if possible, I would like to either be reserved as LT or Head Paramedic. Side note 2, If the EMS dispatcher suggestion gets accepted, I will closely monitor EMS around it as a Head Dispatcher.
  11. Charlit

    Seinor Trump's LOA

    Name: Seinor Trump Rank: SAIC Length:3-4 weeks Reason: Vacation. He is unable to create a forums page so I am making a LOA for him -FBI SAIC Charlie SAF2
  12. Charlit

    LordInsider's LOA

    Enjoy your vacation!
  13. The Following person(s) have been accepted into Dispatch!!! Tristan Congratulations! Please Contact a FTO within 2 week or face removal.