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  1. What do you want to see? PD do not need to be in TS but instead discord. Why Should we add it? I feel that there are many posts about how PRP is dying and that there needs to be more PD. Now I understand that all gov. uses TS however, Many times that I try training, 3/4 of my cadets refuse to use TeamSpeak and ask why we don't use Discord. Even if we do get the cadets trained. There are many times where PD does not use TeamSpeak (Maybe trainers are not telling them they have to idk). We now even have our own PD discord which will make it convenient as we do not need to make a discord.k this will probably get rejected/denied however I feel that this may help out the # of PD online What are the advantages of this? Less PRP is dying posts, more PD online, Who is this mainly for? I'd say everyone Any additional links? look at lack of PD section -Charlit
  2. Lets put this straight, Y'all may have won the 5 battles that have occured within 10 mins, but More Kongs will rise ;)
  3. Yep but... that doesnt stop King<Kong
  4. Especially how he helped make the PD discord. This show quite a bit of leadership skills.
  5. Were you cut from making the kings? Feelsbadman. But don't worry! You can join the Kongs, the not ripoffs of Kings(Kings totally ripped us off) and be apart of the greatest, most elite family ever! If you want to join just PM me or something idk. Keep in mind, we might have gotten more members within a second in a certain time than the Kings (1:0 for the Kongs). Now the question everyone was asking: Who are the great smart totally cool people who made the Kongs? Charlit and Carjaxx
  6. +Support unless a big reason is given (Was 2 years ago)
  7. Not on my first day but, my biggest memory of being a minge. Anyways, my friends got me into Gmod and into Gaminglight (Was a random server we found at the time). Anyways, one day, my friends and a couple of other hobos were running around the out map minging. We eventually made are names like Tigers, with small differences (In the picture you can see I had 2 r's instead of one, my friend had a 3 instead of an e... you get the idea. At the time I was sitting at a solid 3 warns in a day so, Bambob, had many sits with me within my week of playing and warning me in every sit. Anyways I got banned for being a very big minge and changing my name too much. Of course this happened on a Friday night so I was off the server for 4 hours and had to go to bed. Bambob, thank you for banning me because otherwise I would have been a forever minge.
  8. Hey, by responding to the roll call, you need to reply this under the rolecall post, idk if this will work or not but rather be safe than sorry
  9. Name: Charlit Rank: ASAIC Date of Meeting: April 20th, May 4th, May 11th Reason: Going out of town (20th is for a Passover, 4th/11th is vacation)
  10. -Support. JK we should probably get this fixed...
  11. Charlit

    SAIC Roll Call

    Name: Charlit Callsign: SAF2 How active are you? Active Why do you deserve to keep your SAIC rank? (50+ words) I feel I should keep my SAIC rank because not only I am active on the server, but, I am good at driving, shooting, breaching and even undercover ops. I feel I am nice and approachable so if anyone has any questions, they can ask me without feeling intimidated. I feel that I am good at recognizing people's skills/activity and can promote them to SA if I feel they are doing well What are the main things you should be doing as a SAIC? (25+ words) As a SAIC, I feel that I am to supervise the lower ranks in FBI (SSA and below). I am supposed to lead the other FBI agents in operations/busts/tactical situations. I also, am supposed to answer the questions I get asked by the lower ranks of FBI and even other SAIC's. I am also to tell new agents about the SOP, Roster, the undercover SOP and even the IA form. If I see a agent breaking the SOP and even the MOTD, I am to report them to IA
  12. Charlit

    FBI Roll Call

    Name: Charlit Rank and Call Sign: SAIC SAF2 (Hope the call sign is right ;) ) Date: 4/18/19 How active are you? Active.
  13. Accepted Dispatchers! Chimp/MSGT Chimp MSGT Adam Zage Please Contact a FTO within a week Congrats Guys!!! -Dispatch Supervisor Charlit