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  1. I apologize for not following this format for training, have been using the SOP and will get the Cadets the full out that form -SGT Charlit 1C73
  2. Read and Understood -Sgt Charlit 1C73
  3. Read and understood -CPL Charlit 1C73
  4. Name: Charlit Rank: SO Why do you think you deserve to stay in the department: I like playing with a lot of the other SS... I know the SOP, I'm in 3 other departments (PD, State (just accepted) and FBI). The only thing that is bad is when I'm alone protecting the pres. because my Fading Door hold time is broken. Any changes you want in SS: Probably more things to do with no President or VP online.
  5. Going to be gone again ;( Name: Charlit Rank: SS SO Date of Absence (D/M/Y): 9/2/19 Reason (If private then N/A): Hockey Game (again)
  6. Name: Charlit Rank: SS PO Date of Absense: February 2nd Reason: (If Private then N/A.) Hockey Game at 8:00