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  1. hold the fuck up he isnt a white male he is clearly red
  2. = you seem fit but MTF cant lose you yet
  3. is your forums name a plug to your twitch
  4. Dr Drank

    Ban Appeal

    +support ive known him for a long while and i helped show him around he has definitely become a good boi
  5. hey it's me drank so i just wanted to let you know the CI R&D research room on forums is not for you guys and your tests. i see alot of your lower ranks putting there's tests in there
  6. oh rip i dont realy whana work my way up in F tho
  7. yo so i was gonna apply for HCZ manager but i cant seem to find the doc for it
  8. + support he told me his plans and he definitely knows how to run research he also will “ make research actually good again
  9. R&D Level 1 Clearance Required to View Beyond this Point ( Assistant Researcher+ ) Confirming Clearance Level. . . Access Granted Welcome dr drank File Number: HJ-8632 Lead Researcher: DHOR dr drank Assisting Personnel: Flak as the guard Test Subject:096 Subjects Involved: bear trap and a .25 inch thick leather cloth bag Test Name: 096 picture log Hypothesis: I really had not a clue i just simply needed a result to my question which was what will 096 do if he is seen through a picture Observation: (pre-test ) set up a bear trap and put a bag on 096 face ( end of pre-test) i took out an old Polaroid camera ( it was the only thing we had in stock) i removed the bag of his head while staring at the floor then I took the camera out of my satchel and took a picture and without viewing the pic i slipped it into my pocket and put the bag back on his head ( and this next part was a really bad idea) i myself a high level CI scientist decided i myself will look at the picture so that is what i did after I viewed that disgusting mug of his when i looked up at him he ripped free from his cuffs and tore off the bag he then proceeded to chase me and i ran like hell i ran directly towards the bear trap hopped over it and let 096 get his foot caught after he was stuck we quickly dashed him and tied him up and placed a bag on his head. Conclusion: pictures do count towards seeing his face Additional Information: after the test, he squirmed a lot in his cell at one point making a crack in the wall even tho he was bagged when I walked by he seemed to know it was me and would pounce against the bars.
  10. yeah i just promoted him main reason he actuly talk how we could weopinize
  11. im gona say GOO just becouse if there dead they cant couse harm but they shouldnt kill 999
  12. why did ham even do this Garry's Mod 1_13_2019 4_45_09 PM.mp4
  13. R&D Level 1 Clearance Required to View Beyond this Point ( Assistant Researcher+ ) Confirming Clearance Level. . . Access Granted Welcome dr drank File Number: #067 Lead Researcher: DHOR Dr Drank Assisting Personnel: conner as a guard, lie as a gourd Test Subject: D class 9341 Subjects Involved: N/A (previously stated) Test Name: possible anomaly Hypothesis: is d class 9341 an anomaly /SCP Observation: when I first met 9341 he talked about how he can remember anything and has the ability to "respawn" and of course he was either crazy from his time in there or he was simply just that an anomaly so I proposed a test on him he simply agreed without hesitation so I told him what I was about to do to him when I told him to memorize a simple phrase " the turtle is faster than a snail but slower than a hare" then I told my guards to kill him next thing you know his body dissolved and he just popped outa thin air in front of me and the first thing he said was " ouch that hurts"I then asked him to simply say the phrase i told him to memorize and he complied and did it perfectly. Conclusion: it appears he does pose anomalies powers with his 2 powers being regenerative immortality and able to remember his past life Additional Information: could be very usefull to CI
  14. Name: drank Rank:DHOR Callsign: H02 Reason I should stay: im a good boi and im the only R&D commandd Concerns: currenlty none