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  1. I know, I have learned this. I am sorry for causing all of this drama, my apologies. It was wrong of me.
  2. Just not going to fight with you about it, just going to end it here. I will let you think what you want. ?
  3. Well can you +support it for "doing amazing on the field" when he just flys away from the battalion, there is no way of you knowing if he actually did good or not.
  4. I am just going to have to -support this. Let's talk about you being ARC lead and you guys just flying off after told to stay with the battalion. A true leader would actually get his men to stay with the battalion for them to work together which includes ARC. They don't get special treatment just for being ARC and can just fly away. I get if you were told by someone you can, but every time I see it happen, you are never told to do so.