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  1. Name: ProdCode Rank: Para Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department?: I think I deserve to stay in the department because I am active ingame Any changes you want in EMS?: noo
  2. Savage120405

    Jimmy's LOA

    Take as long as you need just now where here
  3. Hey i will be leaving SPMU and going on to other depts and trying new things so i hop SPMU has a great time and i jop we can get more people in it Thanks death for training training me and its was horrible Thanks emmu for accepting me
  4. Flock I know we haven't meet really good and hung out but ill miss you
  5. For the State website it says you need perms to see this what could i do
  6. Dont look at my application
  7. Savage120405

    Sosa Family

    When phil comes in with the GANG GANAG i come in with the WANG WANG GANG GANG
  8. The VII family is up in the hood lately