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    Going prone

    +Support IC trooper Vik 1999
  2. In-Game Name: Ki Adi Mundi / 212th ARC 2LT Vik 1999 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:76561198156585755 Rank: Council/2LT Reason for leaving: No time to play..... Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? : I agree... Its time to say goodbye troopers.... thats is so hard for me.... I've been thinking about this these days and it's been very difficult for me, since I love this community and the SWRP community, but it's time to say goodbye ... The interest is still the same as always, I love the clone RP wars, but I have reached the point of not having time to play, because the university consumes me a lot of time and the truth, I do not have time to share with you guys ... I want to thank each of you for everything what they have done for our server, thank my guys from the 212th battalion who were my first family on this server, I saw them grow from a simple PVT, thank all the guys to kowalski, boomer, wooly, boil, meownyx, apache, blizzard, adam, sprite, dylan, becket, phoenix and many more ( sorry if I forget your name) for so many good times that we could share on this server, This for me is maybe a goodbye forever or for a long time, Thank the Jedi order guys for keeping the order alive, keep growing, and I hope to see each of you in some future Jedi council work. Ki Adi Mundi / 212th ARC 2LT Vik 1999 Thanks for so much guys, and I will never forget the gaminglight community CWRP, I love you all and God bless you ... thanks for everything "This is the last communication ..... Vik says goodbye" [Hologram off]
  3. fuck nooo:c miss you friend, I saw you grow from a PVT in the 212th and now as a BXO, thanks for your leadership, your support, your advice and for all my friend, you are the best ..... We will always be family in the 212th... We are family Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi/ 212th 2LT Vik
  4. Battalion: Rancor ARF In-game Name: Cole Rank: MSG
  5. +SUPPORT -Nice guy -Love his battalion -Very good leader -responsible -Active Good luck
  6. +Support -Good leader -Active -Responsible -Nice guy Its ready for boil:) 212th Jedi Commander Vik
  7. In Game Name: Jedi Knight VII Vik Time as Knight: 2 weeks Why do you want to become this rank?: Because I want to grow in the Jedi order and be an exemplary teacher for my padawans and help the new knights and padawans Why do you deserve this rank?: Much people and knight told me Im doing an good work and I like help people , we have to many Knights actually and I want help and guide this Knight in the Force Way Will you dedicate most of your time as a Master?: Im so active , because its my main life Do you understand that becoming a Maser will use a life?: Yes I Understand
  8. Welll more reports xD
  9. I have a big issue with my dual lightsaber , me and other people and I cant change the hilt , its bad because my skillpoints is in this saber, and its ahgggg play in jedi with a BIG error in my head because I dont see anything. Jedi Knight VI Vik Arvak
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    Kowalski LOA?

    Have a nice vacations my dear kowa!