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  1. +SUPPORT -Nice guy -Love his battalion -Very good leader -responsible -Active Good luck
  2. +Support -Good leader -Active -Responsible -Nice guy Its ready for boil:) 212th Jedi Commander Vik
  3. Thanks Science!!! <3
  4. In Game Name: Jedi Knight VII Vik Time as Knight: 2 weeks Why do you want to become this rank?: Because I want to grow in the Jedi order and be an exemplary teacher for my padawans and help the new knights and padawans Why do you deserve this rank?: Much people and knight told me Im doing an good work and I like help people , we have to many Knights actually and I want help and guide this Knight in the Force Way Will you dedicate most of your time as a Master?: Im so active , because its my main life Do you understand that becoming a Maser will use a life?: Yes I Understand
  5. Welll more reports xD
  6. I have a big issue with my dual lightsaber , me and other people and I cant change the hilt , its bad because my skillpoints is in this saber, and its ahgggg play in jedi with a BIG error in my head because I dont see anything. Jedi Knight VI Vik Arvak
  7. VichoArvak

    Kowalski LOA?

    Have a nice vacations my dear kowa!
  8. +Support Its a very good leader It responsable and in the last time its active so yes! - 212th Jedi Commander Vik
  9. VichoArvak

    VC Viker LOA

    LOA: Little busy and I have 2 test , university is punching me in my head xd Like 2 days. - Naval Crewman Viker
  10. LOA: Little busy and I have 2 test , university is punching me in my head xd Like 3 days. See you soon and May the force be with you:) - 212th Jedi Knight VI Vik