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  1. +support The shock battalion would be more lore friendly and fit within the rishi base, as well the battalion would show to fit in within other places when participating in out-of-base events. all in all, the battalion would give the people of 5th fleet more opportunity for an expansion with jobs when on and off rishi base.
  2. +support I have known Nuke for quite some time, in short, i believe he brings a number of advantageous attributes to the table with his activate play style and inspirational leadership tactics. These only qualify him for the rank, but, he shows a serious and sturdy tone in the field and i believe he will do extraordinary things as the 5th Fleet's Battalion-Executive officer and, maybe, the upcoming Battalion Commander. On top of this, Nuke brings experience from other leadership experiences. Facta, Non Verba
  3. +support The Senate Commando force, as one of the special selected and elite forces of the Republic. Should be able, to defend and assault all opposing forces with the upmost ability and advantageous position. This "buff" would give all the troopers of the Senate Commando force this opportunity, and i agree with the notion to compare all members of the Senate Commando force to be considered equal or even greater to the infamous A.R.C. Trooper.
  4. Name: 5th Fleet SC MSG Walther 2119 Rank: Master sergeant "Permission granted by Darby" Why i would like to be an officer: This Master sergeant should be made a Second lieutenant because, he can apply heavy and strict leadership to all 5th Fleet personal. As well, this Master sergeant will be able to streamline the line of communication between himself and the enlisted personal under this Master sergeants command. Advocating to make this Master sergeant a Second lieutenant, will put an effective piece into the chain of command and will also give the chain of command an autocratic leadership style with applications of a democratic one. This Master sergeant feels that much time and effort has been put in, to earn and acquire the rank of Second lieutenant. Why should i be trusted? This Master sergeant can be trusted, by any individual, because of one simple word that defines this Master sergeants vary characteristic; Integrity, which this Master sergeant lives and leads by. To add, this Master sergeant will lead his men on wards with honor, which will represent all soldiers under his command to the leaders around him. Which means, the men under his lead will not be punished singularly for their mistakes, but myself and the group as a whole, for our failure to properly train the recruit who has made said mistake. Lastly, this Master sergeant has been recommended and informed by the 5th Fleet commander, Darby, on this Master sergeants effective leadership style and was encouraged by him to post this said application, i thank all those for reading this application and giving their feedback.
  5. +support For the little time I've known Igloo, i have seem him do well over command of the 5th Fleet. When presented with challenges he was easily able to overcome them with ease, this is a great attribute to have when a Brigadier General. As they are forced to react quickly when faced with the separatist threat in battle. He is easily able to give constructive criticism when needed, calling out troopers at fault and correcting them in a kind and thoughtful manner. In my opinion, Igloo holds the skill and attitude to become a Brigadier General.
  6. +support I have been under Whilby's command for some time now, never has he disappointed me when leading the battalion and securing prisoners, very important persons, and fleet members. Whilby, in my opinion has done what is best for the 5th Fleet. If he was made the Battalion Executive Officer he would be better suited for increasing the efficiency and integrity of the security force.
  7. Name: Walter 2119 Rank: SPC How active are you: I can occasionally get on during the weekdays, but will definitely be on during the weekends. If you are on LOA or inactive. Why: I am on LOA, because of the recent holidays and family matters. Do you want to stay in 5th Fleet: Yes, i greatly enjoy the 5th Fleet as my job function and the men currently around me.