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  1. You know, I still have yet to see you mess up. For that, it's a welcome from me.
  2.  1. What is your in-game name?: 104th P HVY 1LT Boost 2. Rank within the 104th?: 1st Lieutenant 3. What qualities do you think a Major of the 104th should have?: A major should be loyal to his battalion, be trustworthy, a leader to his troopers, and respect his troopers. A major should be able to deal with certain situations that other troopers might not be able to. A major is a high ranking officer, so it is their duty to keep their men in line. If a trooper is doing something that is wrong or out of line, it should be an officers job to correct the mistake. A major should also be active in his battalion and train his men. 4. Why should you be a Major of the 104th?: I am active, work well with others, and try to better myself and my troops to the best of my ability. With these positives there are negatives as well. There is room for improvement in me, and I do acknowledge it. I do my best when given a task, to achieve that I will become better. 5. Should you be trusted? If so, explain: I believe I should be trusted, because I am active in my battalion, I follow the rules that are laid out for me, I lead my troops to the best of my ability, and I trust my troops will do their best. I believe my men when they say something to me and I honestly believe that trust is important in life. As some of my men may know, I do like to joke around sometimes as well.  6. Timezone: Central Standard Time.   7. How often can you be on?: I can be on anytime, aside from holidays and sport events.