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  1. Name: Skarlet Rank: PFC Any questions, comments, or concerns?: I'm concerned about being with other Nu-7, since I don't get along with most Nu-7, plus more PT
  2. Name (What it is on the Roster): Skarlet Rank: CPL SteamID: STEAM_1:0:170921441 What server is your activity majority based on (EU or US): EU How is your activity in Gensec (Good, poor, ect): Goodie. (Though there's 1 problem, I'm AU so I'll be active in both inactive hours and active hours (Inactive hours = Less than 25+ players, active hours = more than 25+ players)
  3. In RP, Skarlet's mean, but she does have a nice side and when something really bad happens and someone keeps on interrupting her while she's explaining what the hell's going on, she'll snap and fight. Thank you for the feedback
  4. Sqm, I fixed the [EXPLETIVE] problem, thank you for your feedback.
  5. Audio Log Interview. Interviewer: Dr. REDACTED Interviewed: Senior Researcher Skarlet SCP-035 Incident #4 < BEGIN LOG > Dr. REDACTED walks into the interview room, Senior Researcher Skarlet is waiting to be interviewed, she’s visibly stressed out after what happened. Dr. REDACTED: Hello, I’m here to log what happened but I will need help from one of the survivors, so I chose you, are you willing to tell me what happened? Senior Researcher Skarlet slams the table with her hand and she stands up. Skarlet: ALL OF MY [EXPLETIVE] FRIENDS DIED, THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED, BECAUSE THAT [EXPLETIVE] SCP, SCP-035’S A MONSTER AND YET YOU DON’T TERMINATE IT, WHY DON'T YOU TERMINATE IT IF IT DOES THAT [EXPLETIVE]. The 2 guards who are in the room cuff Skarlet and sit her down. Dr.REDACTED: Please, calm down, just answer my question and we’ll help you. Skarlet calms down and sits. Skarlet: No...okay, let me start from the beginning...I was off site for something that happened in Site-19, It was about SCP-053 and they needed me to research her effects, out of all people, they wanted ME. Anyway, after a few days, I came back to Site-5 and Nu7 CMDR Fool S117 called me on the radio. Nu7 CMDR Fool S117 (Flashback): Skarlet, we have a problem, goto Temp Euclid Containment Chamber, quickly. Skarlet (Flashback): I’m on the way. Dr.. REDACTED: So you didn’t know the full story yet?. Skarlet: No, I didn’t know the full story, now let me finish my story please. Anyway, so I quickly ran to Temp Euclid Containment Chamber to see 2 utility members, who were infected by something, I was told to put on a hazmat before heading on site just to safe since I was told something was going on by Nu7 CMDR Fool S117, and I thank him for that, he basically saved me from a fate worse than death. The 2 utility members were ranting and saying random stuff, mainly about SCP-035 and then started to talk about other stuff like SCP-106 and etc. Dr. REDACTED: Why were they talking about SCP-106? Skarlet stands up and punches Dr. REDACTED, 2 guards detain Skarlet and tie her up to the chair so she doesn’t attack Dr. REDACTED again. Skarlet: I SAID LET ME FINISH YOU PIECE OF [EXPLETIVE]. Anyway, there was some A-1 , A member of the O5 and some Nu7, I was told that SCP-035 was releasing fumes that infected people, but didn’t turn them into a zombie, it turned them into servants but the blood in their bodies are different, every-time someone shot at the infected personnel or person, it exposes some fumes, like the one that SCP-035 was releasing into HCZ (Heavy Containment Zone). Skarlet (Flashback): What happens if you try to kill them? Nu7 CMDR Fool S117 (Flashback): They’ll release the fumes that made them into this in the first place. We haven’t tried burning them but we’re not willing to take that risk, any ideas? Skarlet (Flashback): I don’t know any ideas yet, let's hope we find a way to contain this problem. Skarlet: Any questions? Dr. REDACTED: Hmm, if you controlled the situation, how would you handle it. Skarlet: Decontaminate HCZ, it would've been best instead of what O5-2 did…. Dr. REDACTED: I’m sorry for what they did...continue please. Skarlet: Once they tried to break out, one of the infected utility personnel, who was a containment engineer, attacked and killed the containment cleaner. After that, they tried to break free, so out of the orders of the highers up...they… Skarlet starts to tear up and slams the desk Dr. REDACTED: Calm down plea- Skarlet: I DON’T WANT TO REMEMBER THIS, I JUST...PLEASE… Dr. REDACTED: I’ll see what I can do...please continue. Skarlet sighs and calms down. Skarlet: They made an announcement with the Site intercoms, they said. O5-2: SITE DECONTAMINATION WILL OCCUR IN 5 MINUTES, ALL LEVEL 3+ PERSONNEL, PLEASE EXIT THE FACILITY, ANY LEVEL 2 OR BELOW OUTSIDE OF THE FACILITY WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY TERMINATED. I REPEAT, SITE DECONTAMINATION WILL OCCUR IN 5 MINUTES, ALL LEVEL 3+ PERSONNEL, EVACUATE THE FACILITY, ALL LEVEL 2 OR BELOW PERSONNEL WHO ESCAPE THE FACILITY, AND ARE CAUGHT DOING SO, WILL BE TERMINATED. Dr. REDACTED: Was anyone who was level 2 or below came onto the surface and were they terminated? Skarlet remains silent for 1 minute Skarlet: A Junior Researcher, they were instantly shot down...I couldn’t do anything about it. I wish I could’ve stopped them but I couldn’t. Dr. REDACTED: What happened after. Skarlet: We were taken somewhere else so CI don’t capture everyone out of nowhere and then after 3 weeks, the site was cleaned up and everyone just acted like nothing happened. I don’t want to remember this...please… Dr. REDACTED: Okay...we’ll give you amnesties so you forget the entire event that took place, I’m sorry that this happened to you. 05-2 enters the room with 2 A-1 guards. O5-2: Senior Researcher Skarlet, you’ll be given Class C amnestics so you forget everything, as for you, Dr. REDACTED, you’ve been caught for keeping classified files and attempting to send them to other GOIs, for these actions, you will be instantly terminated. Senior Researcher Skarlet, wait outside and wait for an escort to get amnesties. Senior Researcher Skarlet leaves and gunshots are heard, Dr. REDACTED was terminated instantly and his body is taken outside to be burnt. < END LOG > THIS DOCUMENT AND ITS CONTENTS REQUIRES LEVEL 03 CLEARANCE. SHOULD YOU BE UN-AUTHORIZED AND POSSESS THIS DOCUMENT, REPORT SO IMMEDIATELY TO SECURITY. NOT REPORTING TO SECURITY INSTANTLY WILL RESULT IN TERMINATION.
  6. Lore name: Skarlet Rank: Senior Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: MTF Nu7 SSGT Ross 115E and MTF Nu7 COL Youtube YT11 (Thank you so much for the help) List Class-D Personnel involved in testing: D-47538 and D-93415 SCP(s): SCP-939 and SCP-939-2 Hypothesis: Will SCP-939 and SCP-939-2 fight each other over food / prey (Class Ds) if they don’t know each other (If they’re from different locations / sites). I want to test this out of curiosity since SCP-939 are one of those SCPs that can be dangerous and the SCP that’s even MORE dangerous if together with another SCP of the same species and callsign (E.G SCP-939 and SCP-939-2). If 2 SCP-939s breach and they don’t know each other, I would wonder what would happen. The 3 things that may happen are: A. They don’t trust each other and they’ll fight. B. They’ll not trust each other yet but stick together just incase C. They automatically trust each other and work together to cause chaos and to kill prey / victims. Observation: SCP-939 and SCP-939-2 were in the same CC, we had 2 Class Ds, D-47538 and D-93415, before we started the test, we tranqed SCP-939 and SCP-939-2, once they were both asleep, we both tied them up and put them inside the same containment chamber (CC for short). Once both SCP-939 and SCP-939-2 woke up and were free from being tied up, we put D-47538 inside the containment chamber, SCP-939 and SCP-939-2 proceeded to team up and proceeded to murder the Class D, also deciding to eat it. After that, SCP-939 and SCP-939-2 decided to...have sexual intercourse...so, SCP-939 and SCP-939-2 finished and now SCP-939-2 is pregnant and I don’t know what to do now. So, back to the test, SCP-939 and SCP-939-2 were instantly tranqed and test back to their original sites and locations. D-93415 was given amnestics and then taken back to D-Block. Visual Stimuli (Photos / Videos): Errors and/or safety hazard: SCP-939 and SCP-939-2 were breeding and SCP-939-2 is pregnant...so...prepare for kids! Conclusion: SCP-939 and SCP-939-2, if they aren’t both the same gender, will not fight over prey and instead, they will share the prey and eat it together. After they’re done eating the prey / victim, sometimes, they’ll try to re-populate and so, I may conduct more tests to see if we can de-sex male and female SCP-939s so when someone else does this type of test, it doesn’t have to be called off because of a male SCP-939 and a female SCP-939’s urge to repopulate, since I worry about that. In short, if it’s a different gender and they’re not de-sexed, no, they won’t fight over it.
  7. W h o g a v e y o u p e r m i s s i o n t o t e s t o n t h i s S C P ?
  8. Lore Name: Skarlet Rank: Senior Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of personnel involved in testing: MTF O12 CPL Jesus MT4 and [REDACTED] Level D personnel involved: D-3459 SCP: SCP-035-1 Hypothesis: I wanted to see if SCP-035-1 can control people while they are knocked out or sleeping. Because if a situation comes up where someone who’s special is knocked out and SCP-035-1 finds them, can he get information from them via mind control or make them do demands once they wake up. So, to make sure this doesn’t happen, I decided to make a test about it and this is how the test went. Observation: Once I got a Class D, I got an escort, thanks to HoR Spookie, the escort came to SCP-035-1 and helped me set up the test, after writing down my Hypothesis, an unidentified Class D kept on turning on the gas, so they were terminated swifty. After warning D-3459 to not do the same, he complied and he got knocked out. We threw D-3459 into SCP-035-1’s CC and SCP-035-1 said ‘You remember an old friend, once you wake up, you will help him out’ the ‘friend’ is SCP-035-1. The Class-D woke up and tried to get out SCP-035-1, so I walked into the CC, grabbed the Class-D, pulled him out and executed him. SCP-035-1 tried to get MTF O12 CPL Jesus MT4 to order him, I instantly cuffed MTF O12 CPL Jesus MT4 and...well, executed him, then I called off the test. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Errors and/or safety hazards: SCP-035-1 tried to get 2 people to breach him, not today SCP-035, not today. Conclusion: SCP-035-1 can still mind control and manipulate people who are asleep, which is surprising but also very dangerous. Incase a breach does happen with SCP-035, make sure you aren’t near it and make sure it’s terminated ASAP (The termination part is for the MTF). SCP-035 can do many things to humans, but it somehow making us do stuff once we wake up is messed up. END LOG.
  9. Lore Name: Pocket / Skarlet Rank: Researcher II Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: MTF Nu7 PFC Grungoon PC15 and JR Researcher Bluejax Level D personnel involved: D-3451 and D-c SCP: SCP-966 and SCP-966-1 Hypothesis: If 2 SCP-966s that don’t know each other or if they’re from different packs / groups, will they fight over the prey or eat it. I feel like the 2 SCP-966s (SCP-966 and SCP-966-1) will both fight and work together, if they work together then that’ll be bad news for everyone who encounters a 966 breach and multiple 966s are out. So, I got 2 Class Ds and 2 966s from different sites and this is how the test went. Observation: We got 2 SCP-966s (which they’ll be referred as SCP-966-1 and SCP-966-2) from different sites and we put them into the SCP-966 CC, they didn’t do anything to each other so we put in 1 Class D, who was D-3451, and SCP-966-1 and SCP-966-2 were communicating in some way, but it is unknown how we know how they communicate and I will look into this with later tests (With permission from Command). Anyway, SCP-966-1 and SCP-966-2 proceeded to kill D-3451 and SCP-966-2 was waiting for D-7536 to come in and enter so SCP-966-2 can kill them, now I did have a flaw here and I should’ve gotten 3 Class Ds to see if they’ll fight or not but I was to stupid to realize that. Anyway, so I put D-7536 inside of the chamber and closed the door, not surprising anyone, SCP-966-2 just swooped in for the kill. I ended the test due to some Class Ds out and about causing chaos in HCZ. SCP-966-1 and SCP-966-2 made no attempt to escape, which was...surprising. But before I ended the test, SCP-966-1 and SCP-966-2 were hungry so they were fighting each other, which made this test confusing and which now caused me to look in further to that, why does the Foundation do this for me, I’m not getting paid enough for this. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Errors and/or safety hazards: Here’s a list: - Class Ds out and about trying to free SCPs. - SCP-194 was out and it attacked me. - SCP-1048 turned into stone for some reason. - Only 1 MTF since all other Nu7 were busy with dealing Class Ds. - A LOT MORE. Conclusion: Well, the test was a success but it was a close call due to, like I said before in the safety hazard section, Class Ds who were ARMED with AK-47s and stuff like that running around but they didn’t reach the test and interrupt it so thank you God. But at the start, SCP-966-1 nad SCP-966-2 were acting friendly towards one another, even though they were from different sites and they didn’t know each other. But after they finished ‘hunting’ the Class-Ds, they both became hungry and attacked each other. Maybe we can use this to our advantage and make sure that no personnel are near SCP-966 during a breach, since they’ll go hungry and attack each other. Further testing, with permission from Research Command, will continue. Before I end this log, If any other Researchers want to know, or already do know how SCP-966 communicate to each other, tell me and we’ll see if it’s true or not. END LOG.
  10. It just died out of no-where and it couldn't have been from decay, I'll do a test where this happens and wait of SCP-008 to kill SCP-049-2 and look at the body, to see the cause of death.
  11. Lore Name: Skarlet / Pocket Rank: Researcher II (R2) Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: MTF Nu7 SGT Darby SG1 Level D personnel involved: D-3579 SCP: SCP-049-2 and SCP-008 Hypothesis: I want to confirm that SCP-049-2 is immune to the effects of SCP-008, since the last test, I’ve been looking into SCP-008 and SCP-049-2 and since they’re both classified as an infection, a type of infection that turns people into SCP-008-1 and of course, SCP-049 turning people into SCP-049-2. I just wonder if SCP-008 can infect SCP-049-2, a different SCP-049-2, but this test is to confirm that SCP-008 can’t infect SCP-049-2. Observation: We got D-3579 from D-Block, made my way to SCP-049 to start his process of ‘curing’ his subjects. Once D-3579 was ‘cured’, I went to SCP-008 with my escort and we put SCP-049-2 into SCP-008. Before we opened SCP-008, we put on our hazmat suits so we don’t get infected. We waited for around 5 minutes, SCP-049-2 had no effect, but then something odd happened, SCP-049-2 just died, and it wasn’t because of the decay he was in (Like how other SCP-049-2s die), It must've been from SCP-008. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): (I was sad when it died) Errors and/or safety hazards: Nothing really happened. Conclusion: SCP-049-2 can somehow die to SCP-008, I don’t know how or why but I don’t think this applies to all SCP-049-2s, I may need to check if SCP-049’s ‘cure’ is completely immune by doing more tests or get SCP-049 to ‘cure’ a SCP-049-2 and kill the SCP-049-2 and look what’s inside its body, finding the source of the cure. Though I want to do that with SCP-008-1 to see what hazardous material is it out of. Long story short: SCP-049-2 died to SCP-008, which is confusing and I don’t think that every SCP-049-2 has that effect so more tests will occur. END LOG.
  12. Thank you. The problem was that the clearance doors were broken and Kuma was doing something else. Another problem was that SCP-049-2 doesn't live forever, it decays. But thank you for the feedback.
  13. Lore Name: Pocket / Skarlet Rank: Researcher II Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: Utilization Supervisor Kuma, MTF Nu7 CMDR Fool CM1 Level D personnel involved: D-5636 SCP: SCP-049-2 and SCP-008 Hypothesis: If SCP-049 ‘cured’ someone into SCP-049-2, will they be infected by SCP-008’s effects. I want to test this since SCP-049-2 is just a mindless zombie but does SCP-049’s ‘cure’ make them immune from SCP-008’s effects. In my opinion, I feel like it’ll do something to SCP-049-2, maybe 4 things will happen. A. It makes it weaker. B. It’ll make it stronger C. It won’t do anything, or D. D. It’ll die. Observation: After retrieving a Class D from D-Block, I went to SCP-049 to ‘cure’ the Class-D into SCP-049-2, after that, we went to SCP-008’s CC where we let SCP-049-2 in, before we let them in, 1 big dog and 1 tiny dog was with CMDR Fool, which was weird but they couldn’t see, basically like SCP-939. Once everyone put on a hazmat suit, we put SCP-049-2 inside SCP-008’s CC and we closed the door behind SCP-049-2 and let SCP-008 fill the room it was in. After waiting for a long time, we tested on SCP-049-2 to see if it was affected, turns out, it wasn’t weaker, it wasn’t stronger and it wasn’t dead. SCP-008 did NOTHING to SCP-049-2 whatsoever, so I executed SCP-049-2 and called off the test. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Errors and/or safety hazards: Nothing really happened besides 2 big dogs were following us, not SCP-939. Conclusion: SCP-008 does nothing to SCP-049-2, which will be a problem to us incase both SCP-049 and SCP-008 breaches, mainly because it’ll have no effect and plus more mindless zombies attacking foundation staff. I will continue testing if SCP-049-2 and SCP-008, mainly just to be sure that SCP-049-2 doesn’t get affected by SCP-008. What I’m saying is this, in short: SCP-008 doesn’t do anything to SCP-049-2 and I will do 1 more cross test just to be sure that SCP-049-2 doesn’t get affected by SCP-008. END LOG.
  14. Pocket SWAT

    SCP-049 Test

    Lore Name: Pocket Rank: Researcher II Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: JR Researcher John, JR Researcher Taco, MTF Nu7 FTO 1LT Youtube FL3, MTF Nu7 PVT Solid Snake PT12 Level D personnel involved: D-7543 and D-9864 SCP: SCP-049 Hypothesis: if SCP-049-2-A and SCP-049-2-B (And every other SCP-049-2) listens to every single order that SCP-049 gives, and SCP-049 tells SCP-049-2 to fight (In a WWE style) will they listen is the question. I want to see if SCP-049-2-A and SCP-049-2-B will fight if ordered to do so. I want to see if this will end with no fighting or a fight that’ll maybe or maybe not be in a WWE style match. Observation: We put D-7543 into SCP-049’s CC and SCP-049 instantly went for D-7543 and ‘cured’ (Infected him and made him into SCP-049-2-A) him into SCP-049-2, which I’ll refer to that SCP-049-2 to SCP-049-2-A. So after waiting for SCP-049 to prepare for his next ‘cure’, we put D-9864 into SCP-049’s CC and, surprise surprise (not really), SCP-049 ‘cured’ them into SCP-049-2-B. Once SCP-049 ordered them to fight, SCP-049-2-A and SCP-049-2-B actually started to fight each other at the start, the fight was for 10 minutes and then SCP-049-2-A and SCP-049-2-B stopped fighting and was being hostile towards Researchers and MTF that was watching. So, we cuffed SCP-049-2-A and SCP-049-2-B and so, both Nu7 executed both SCP-049-2-A and SCP-049-2-B, SCP-049-2-B was un-cured by SCP-049 but we killed him anyways just to be safe. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Errors and/or safety hazards: SCP-049 tried to get out multiple times, SCP-049-2-A hit me a couple of times, chaos in general. Conclusion: SCP-049-2 will listen to SCP-049 when it comes to fighting allies, now, this test was confusing since I don’t think all SCP-049-2s will listen to SCP-049 to fight another SCP-049-2. I will continue testing with this to confirm if SCP-049 can order SCP-049-2 to fight another SCP-049-2 but the Conclusion in short is this: SCP-049-2 will fight at first but will either keep on fighting or stop attacking the other SCP-049-2. END LOG.