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  1. Great guy and activity has increased so besides the activity part I agree with this.
  2. +Support +Respectable +Responsible +Active +Yoda=Green +Helpful +Friendly +Already a great GM +Would be able to help more as a Mod/GM
  3. +Support I am not sure if I am one to speak on this matter, but my opinion blatantly is that Brrger would be the best choice for Commander Gree. Brrger has shown time and time again that he has leadership skills and incredible social skills which are both needed to be an effective Gree. Also while yes Jessy is the current BXO of the 41st the main issue with that is he isn't as active as Brrger is and this can pose a huge problem because a commander who isn't on very often isn't a good replacement for commander in my opinion. Lastly, what Bub said is true with Brrger being a GM this allows for the 41st to get trained better and allows for other staff to do what they need to do or enjoy their time off RPing on the server rather than having to come to us and give us jetpacks or this or that. Brrger overall is a good symbol of what the 41st should be and hopefully what the 41st will become. -41st EC SFC Island 2479
  4. White it will be sad to see you go in my short time on this server you were one of the few people who left a lasting impact on my character and myself irl. You are a great role player, amazing commander, and an even better friend to have! I hope we do see each other out of the server and even in the server from time to time, but one thing is for certain I will always remember when you were Commander Gree. *Salutes to you one final time...*
  5. Name: Jedi Padawan Kalakk Navilla Master: Jedi Master Saesee Tiin Rank: Padawan