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  1. Mr Redington, On Behalf of the RST We would like to ensure that we can keep you safe from the FBI, just stop by our Local Station in Rockford and state your name. We are currently the best at keeping people safe and you get a free phone call with free food and healthcare! Sincerely, Trooper SNR Cody 1T81
  2. Didn't get as much as I would like becuz ya know its GMod. But hopefully yall enjoy and see what a basic 15 mins is like.
  3. @Zeeptin I didnt mean to leave add armor in the post, I removed part of it saying add armor and I changed it with the Nova. So i would just like to add the Nova and Rando to the class.
  4. This basically sums up DOC when we have less than 40 players on.
  5. Just a reminder to everyone. If I yell offensive things at you its to boost your RP experience in DOC
  6. Ingame Name: Rando Job Name: Big Doobie Server: PoliceRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:25297801 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:1:86546740 it was all paid by my steam ID. Add gun - $20 tfa_csgo_nova
  7. I was thinking about this at work today, I was gonna suggest it but I'm glad you did. Will enhance my roleplay by about 110% More now that I have a better use for my spare laptop.
  8. Cozz


    I like what your doing with this case file thing, brings more RP overall.
  9. Credits to me with making the watch tower.
  10. Cozz

    DOC Build Off

    This is basically what DOC does when there are no calls... Vote for 1 or 2 One Two
  11. @Snarlax @Zeeptin that was a 1x2 plate, so basically the same. But here is a reference with the 1x1 plate.
  12. Cozz

    DOC on Lock

    So made this last night, and looking for better improvements if anybody has to add any. Ft. Duv
  13. Should i get another PM ready if that one does not work? @Zeeptin