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  1. Name: Axle Rank: Sra Legnth of LOA: I'm not really to sure Reason: I recently have gotten the symptoms for carpal tunnel and need to keep my hands off the video games computer and other electronic stuff which is why I said in the Alloway length I'm not really sure So I might pop in every once and again like I'll be on the server but I probably won't do much if anything at all
  2. Name on roster: Heather Rank on roster: CPT How active are you: weekends What can Security CMD improve on? Not much that I can think of Why should we keep you as GENSEC command [150 words+] The reason why you should keep me in command is because I have been in Security for a long time so I know how this force is supposed to work and further more I know how to put people in line and I will be able if you keep me on the low command can bring great ideas and a more Secure facility as I do my job very well and im always trying to improve as a command member and as a Security personnel I never try to minge when there are a lot of other things to do and fast. and (when I can) I will look to see who is doing what and will reward them with what I feel is appropriate as well I post people to versus locations around the facility as well will protect the high command with my life because if theres one thing that I have learned after being in Security is that we work together better as a team Also I don't know why the text color changed lul
  3. Bro this is so sad can this hit five k likes
  4. Yo bro good luck where eaver you go my friend
  5. Name:Heather Rank:Cpt Activity Status: A modified loa Reason you should stay command (100+ words): why I think I should say in command Because of my experience and my knowledge of how security works and I know how things are supposed to be run and if somebody's doing it wrong then I will deal And told them how they're supposed to view with a situation with them also I feel like it would be very very detrimental to lose someone like me who has been here for a long long time. And if you keep me in command I will Keep doing my job as command to look over all of the other security officers and i will make sure none of those pesky menges get on our team (because you know of their bad) Any concerns: None that I'm aware also jet if you're reading this can I get roster access please
  6. Name on the roster: Heather Rank on the roster: MSGT How active are you: I'm only active on the weekends and I'm on all day (if you want to talk to me about the talk on discord /WG/lexdash #1919) Who should be the next Major? kade the 2nd What can Security improve on?: not much other then minges, the small amount of FTO's Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) why you should keep me in Security is simple I have already been doing a good job containment SCPS and making sure that SO LCLS etc are doing there job by posting them on LCZ and HCZ and training new recruits on what to do and how to do it