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  1. Im not very good at goodbyes, or writing for that matter. But still, I wanna say goodbye to CI. In terms of why I am leaving, there are many reasons, but mainly I have lost the time and motivation to do my best on CI. I really had a great time in CI at the start, I had many great times with many cool people, however a lot of those people are gone, and im busy with other affairs and have a hard time finding the motivation to continue in CI. Maybe one day, I will get more time and motivation, but for the foreseeable future, I think im gonna have to leave. Anyways, before I leave, I would like to say some goodbyes. Aleks/skela/kales: Well what can I say, you will always be the greatest minge, and also one of the greatest HORs. Orange, you are a very nice and fun person. Whenever there was drama or other problems, you were a reliable person to speak to. I have had a lot of fun with you in the past, and I bid you good luck on your new position. Catsro, I enjoyed calling you a boomer and making fun of your mod pack taste. But in all seriousness, you worked very hard and did a good job. Good luck on whatever CI position you obtain. Blanke, you were a very fun and competent person in CI. Good luck man. Tony, you are a man so dedicated that you went on LOA for six hours. That's dedication. Good luck on supervising CI man. Harrison, you may be vice president of the minges, but besides that, you are also a good pretty cool dude. Thanks for helping me out on all sorts of stuff and being a cool friend. October, even though you are now retired, you still helped out a lot and were a great guy to speak to in times of trouble. I wish you luck on your schooling, and thank you for starting such a great branch. Richard Black, you are a really nice dude, and a cool friend. Good luck in CI, life, and anything else bro. Mutombo, farewell my man. Keep up the good work. Anyways, I hope to have fun with you guys in the last hours.
  2. Have a smooth move bro. See you in a bit.
  3. Ok see you in 6 hours bro.
  4. Support + Active + Good knowledge of lore - App could use some work. +/- Creative event idea, however a bit unrealistic. Overall I think you would be pretty good and creative, maybe work on the app a bit.
  5. + Support. The model change is greatly needed. The currrent Shade/heavy models are broken beyond belief. Only thing that i dont support is that my favorite and most used class, the grenadier, is going to be so unexpectedly removed s.
  6. I am resigning from medical staff because I want more time for other branches , I don't personally like how the current medical branch works right now, and there has been some drama in there that I don't wanna be involved in. See you medical bros later.