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  1. + Support I support this, but if a research branch update is coming soon, this should be delayed till then to cause minimal spawn breaks.
  2. This will most likely be added into the branch update, but yes I would support this change.
  3. +/- Support. While friendly fire is very annoying, it does have a purpose. If you remove it, people will spam grenades and negevs like you have never seen before. Having an easy way to know who friendlies are is also useful, but it also doesn't make any sense to see team mates through walls. This could also encourage meta gaming, which we don't need anymore of. If this system was modified to just show who your friendlies are and not show people through walls and disable friendly fire, i'd support it. For now, i'm unsure.
  4. + Support. It's a simple and good addition to the server.
  5. Hey Frank drank. CI is doing well. We are recruiting quite a few people these days and are going to be trying to get a branch update out soon. We also are in the process of making a new FTO SOP and have just elected Skela(Aleks) as our new DHOR. Keep in mind that Aleks just got permission from a certain high ranking retired CI member to suck toes.
  6. In-Game Name: Conner  SteamID: STEAM_0:1:103370605 Rank: CI LT-CMDR | ET Member | Gensec LCPL  Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): April 11th till April 14th. Will most likely be able to make it to the meeting if everything goes as planned. Reason for LOA (If private that is fine): Vacation.
  7. I don't know where you got that from. We have been planning a branch update a for a while now, but have been trying to get a good meeting time so that we would be able to get an opinion from everyone. At a certain recent point we just decided to hand out google forms for people who couldnt make it.
  8. +/- Support + Good knowledge of lore + Active - Application could use some work - Event could be a bit more original Right now i'm currently split on a + support or a - support. There are some good things about this app, and some bad things. I think if you improved a bit upon some of the previously mentioned bad things you would be a fine member, but for now i'm unsure.
  9. Sounds stupid but either when I got LT in CI or when I escaped the fac and got trained into CI. A non CI related event would probably be when a moderator accidentally brought the entire server into the buttons room. My ears still hurt to this date.
  10. Spartan recently got his laptop completely split in half. This means he will not be able to get on CI or the forums until he gets a new one. He will most likely be able to get on in two weeks, however he hopes to be able to return in one week. If you followed the chain of command properly and need to speak with him, you can still contact him on discord, as his phone is functional.
  11. -Support As I stated in the previous 35-1 suggestion, I think 35-1 should be able to get access to the armory in LCZ and from there he can get a keycard cracker to either let out SCPs or escape. Giving 35 the ability to let out SCPs as soon as hes breached seems a little OP, but not giving him any access seems a little harsh.
  12. + Support. It's a very easy to make and practical addition.
  13. + Support. For the last few weeks, I have seen quite a few people "main" utility staff jobs. Having an actual branch would provide incentives to do well for these people(promotions) and punishments for them doing bad(demotions, strikes.) However, I do have a couple of concerns. For one, the janitor and the chef, unlike the medic and the technician, really have no way to express their RP purpose. If a way to make food was implemented, and it provided benefits for people who ate it, I could see the chef being a nice job. Same goes with the janitor. If say trash or blood splatters had to be removed, I could see the janitor being a nice job. But for now, there isn't any way of these two classes really expressing their RP purpose, thus some new systems would have to be found. My second concern would be that when we don't have a lot of people on, this would take players away from more important RP positions, such as MTF and research. I would overall support it being added, but some new mechanics would have to be made, and we would have to make sure it wouldn't worsen the other branches.