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  1. +Support This is severely needed for an actually entertaining D Class experience.
  2. No. 38th is versatile enough as is. -Support
  3. What is your in-game name?: Burner(VC)/Inferno/Spark SteamID: STEAM_0:0:48009578 What is your rank?: JPO What rank are you applying for?: SCPO Any high command that recommended you?: N/A (bravo is basically N/A) Why do you think you would be a good (Rank)? (150+ words) : I'm sure most of you reading this know I was a BXO for 41st and what happened there. I want to address this directly before typing anything else, what happened there is the best learning experience I've ever had on the server. It taught me what it was like to be of such a rank (equal to SCPO.) and the responsibilities of said rank. What people expect of me, etc. After my well extended break, reworking my way up the ranks, from PVT to 104th then Jedi (Knight), VC (JPO) and Rancor (SFC). All three of these involved immense responsibility and dedication already and I strongly believe I'm ready to the next step in Naval. I'm willing to give up either of my lives if I need to to keep my activity and dedication to Naval. I love training new medics and giving them "On The Spot" (BLAMS) training. Wanting to further my ability to this and further my ability to assist the CMO and up in the medical division and keeping it active I think I would make a good SCPO. Thank you for even considering me for this position by reading this post and may the force be with you always. Burner signing out. What are the responsibilities of a (Rank)?: - Supervise the division he is placed in. - Train people in said division. - Have the ability to and make SOPs for their division. - Enforce guidelines of Venator Crew. Do you agree to be active on your VC?: Yup. Do you agree to be removed if VC high command says so?: Yup. Do you have any in-game warns? (proof needed use !warns): (ATTACHED)
  4. In-game name: Burner Rank: JPO Date you joined (roughly): 04/29 Division (if you are not PO+ just place N/A): Medical Last time you were active as VC: Yesterday tell me why you should stay on VC (min 50 words): I want to help keep naval active and steady as it seems to be currently, since I'm the highest ranking active medical at the moment I'm also making strides in training and keeping the medical branch of the base troops and naval active. A key example of this is BLAMS (Burners Localized And Medical Sim) that I perform pretty frequently in the hospital.
  5. I don't think music is that important to an event as most disable it anyways. Interesting developments, the overall atmosphere and immersing global comms is usually what does it for me.
  6. Okay, so. We need to discuss this and bridge the gap between the GM Team and the players. There's always been a slight disconnect and little to no communication. I think a thread for discussion with them, the current issues and everything else could be a big help. I'll start off with my personal opinion; - There's no communication, it just makes everything worse. - Players don't know how to hold discussion, even I'm at fault of this. OOC after a "bad" event just becomes heated between GMs and players. - We need more passive RP and RP in general, Science was right in saying there's nil. If GMs or even command/naval did more of this I think the overall experience could be better. - Do not blame any specific group, a lot of people are at fault of certain things but a lot of what happened couldn't be fixed by one group or is the fault of one group. A revitalization has to be a joint effort. - Mega events, we know you're under a lot of pressure GMs but we really do like these a lot. Especially campaigns, haven't had one since John Good at least from what I know. That's a long time. - In conclusion, everyone needs to cool down and pick up their socks. Let's make good use of those new slots.
  7. Eris

    212th Pilots

    -Support What Frosty said about a pilot specialty just getting accepted and how it feels like a mimic of 501st.