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  2. Eris


    +/- Support What to do with Stealth Ops has been a messy road for SMT as really through conversation, it's a tricky road to follow. Like JMS said, people already bought this and would need some sort of compensation or something to appease them. In my opinion the Stealth Ops battalion has so much potential but ends up just being a mingefest. I would like to see SMT's proper thoughts on this.
  3. Eris

    New 41st Models, please

    As is some of our maps and some of our other models, it is not against any rules to use them as long as they aren't reuploaded.
  4. Replying to both, someone already has the Airborne Troopers as a custom class and at this point they're basically the same and 501st having the upper hand.
  5. Eris

    Fix the 104th.

    In my opinion heavy would be the best option as rotary blasters were used as defensive lines all the time in the clone wars? It should be renamed accordingly though. They should keep their medics, but not their snipers. Like I said the vast specialities is not helping.
  6. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - The 501st and 212th while still being attack battalions, different in nature. Currently the 501st are getting Jet Troopers while the 212th aren't getting anything, I suggest for 501st Sniper to be removed and anyone who is trained/has the whitelist transferred to Jet Trooper accordingly. Why should we add it? - Currently the 501st has the upper hand on the 212th with their upcoming Jet Troopers and like said above, the 212th aren't getting anything, I think they should keep the uniqueness of their snipers while the 501st get their jet troopers while losing the snipers to make them different from one another even more so. What are the advantages of having this? - A bigger difference between battalions a lot of people say are basically the same. Who is it mainly for? - 501st/212th Links to any content - N/A
  7. Eris

    38th Juggernauts

    Just to keep this lore friendly and all, in lore these are more similar to "Blaze Troopers" and should be named as such, overall this is a great idea. (I think the last model would fit best and this should have some sort of rank limit like SGT+) but otherwise! +Support
  8. Eris

    Fix the 104th.

    What you want to see? - 104th be more specialized in one area, rather than a "Jack of all trades" battalion which seems to not be doing great things for it. I think 104th should be more focused on the heavy part, as they're the only battalion with it and it could be greatly used in battle to the republic's advantage. Things like the sniper job should be removed as the 41st have ARF and both the 501st and 212th have snipers already. Why should we add it? - Like said before it'll greatly improve their use in battle and give them a proper purpose. What are the advantages of having this? - ^ Who is it mainly for? - 104th Links to any content - N/A
  9. +Support The GMs would really appreciate something like this. (and hoovy)
  10. What you want to see? - New 41st models. Why should we add it? - The current ones look like garbage. What are the advantages of having this? - Easier identifiablity among 41st and other battalions. Who is it mainly for? - 41st Links to any content - These are more lore fitting but also make us look less like vomit on a set of armor. Also they're CGI. Thanks.
  11. TO: "Grand Admiral" 3GG FROM: You know who, at least Science would. Body: Here's what you asked for. <OPENING ATTACHED DOCUMENT...> WELCOME ████. >transcribe_log Which log would you like to transcribe? >6572 TRANSCRIBING LOG "6572"... ERROR: COULD NOT TRANSCRIBE LOG, FILE POSSIBLY CORRUPT Attempt to repair file? (WARNING: This could result in the file being outright unusable.) Y/N >Y REPAIRING... REPAIRING... REPAIR SUCCESS! TRANSCRIBING... Attempt to match identities in the transcript? Y/N >Y <TRANSCRIPT BEGIN, SKIPPING TO 0:30 DUE TO DAMAGES> ??? (1): My lord! I beg of you to provide the resources I need to complete the ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓! ??? (2): And let you get squashed by ▓▓▓ and its crew once again? Admiral Jaws, you know I do not appreciate or tolerate incompetence. IDENTITY MATCH: ??? (1) = "Admiral Jaws" REPLACING IN ANY FURTHER MENTION... Admiral Jaws: With all due ▓▓▓▓ my lord... <A very small, audible snarl is heard, supposedly from Admiral Jaws.> Admiral Jaws: I've relied on these pesky tactical droids for my strategy and they might as well be scrap metal! ???: Fine. As to test your ▓▓ as a general, You can perform your precious ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓. Admiral Jaws: Thank you my lord. You will not regret it. ???: I hope so. As previously stated, "General" I will not accept further incompetence. Admiral Jaws: Well understood my lord. I'm sure you know I am most effective when I do things myself like ▓▓▓ negotiations. ???: Mm, yes. You did prove quite effective in the acquiring of ▓▓▓▓▓▓, it's one of the reasons I haven't made you fish food yet. You will have a full fleet at your disposal when the time comes. Droid ???: SIR, IT SEEMS AS IF THIS TERMINAL HAS BEEN LOGGING THIS CONVERSATION. IT MUST HAVE BEEN ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ON ACCIDENT. ???: What?! Deactivate it immediately! Admiral Jaws: I told you they're worthless. Droid ???: Right away si-- <TRANSCRIPT END, END OF FILE> >shutdown SHUTTING DOWN...