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  1. Name on Roster: Lance Rank on Roster: Captain How active are you: online 5 of 7 days of the week What can CMD improve on? nothing that I can think of Why should we keep you as GENSEC command [150 words+] I believe I should stay in Gensec command because I know how to run Security, although I do not have a mic which makes my job more difficult, at one point or another I still get my way and keep everyone under my rank in check. As well as that I am a dedicated member of security as when I am ordered to do some thing I will bring back good results. I am also a member of command that does not minge at any time while in Security as I take my job as serious as possible and to act as a Captain should. Although I am not one of the best trainers, I do know how to train trainees right and get them prepared for all the challenges they may face in security, I train trainees more strict and take longer training them so they will know absolutely everything that they need to succeed in security and to also have competent enlisted ranks that will do there job right and well. At this point, in my time in Security I believe i have everything known that o need to know( exept for stuff that i am new to or stuff that has just been updated) by heart I would have doen this earlier but i have been screwed with school work recently
  2. Name : Lance Rank :LT Activity Status: Active Reason you should stay command(100+ words) Why I believe I should stay in command, well in my eyes as far as I have played as security I've known how to run and control Gensec personnel, even though i do not have a mic which makes my job as LT a bit more difficult as i have to type to get peoples attention. Other than that I am a easy person to deal with when it comes to my higher ups giving me orders, But when it comes to me giving other security orders that are under me, I tend to be a bit more strict with them. I do this for the only reason to try or attempt to make my security better, as this is all I want for the Security which is for us all to become better( than we already are) at what we do as Security Any Concerns: My only concerns with Security is most of the SOs as most of the time they are not doing there jobs, not following NLR and the biggest one is that they are not closing the doors behind them. ( this is not me trying to bash out SOs, but its the honest truth in my opinion)
  3. Name on roster: Lance Rank on Roster: CPL How active are you: every day 2-3 hours Who should be the next Major? I don't know What can security improve on? not spamming voice chat while speaking to someone in d block Why should we keep you in Security?( 30 + words) As far as I know I haven't done anything wrong, I follow orders without question from commanding officers , and whenever i come on here I do the best that I can to keep the foundation safe and under control.
  4. Frodo

    Security RollCall

    Name: Frodo Rank: LCPL Status on the roster( Active, Inactive, etc.): Active What Specialty Classes are you: Lance Corporal What can security improve on: Nothing