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  1. + Support ACTIVE Knows the rules Handles reports fairly Responds quickly Respectful Very Helpful to other staff members
  2. I have Decided to change my response
  3. +/- Support - Good Application - Previous Staff Experience - Long time Member - No Poll - I Have not seen you in game Good Luck, Dylan Bryan.
  4. - Support I have video proof against you and your friend group failing and minging all day from stealing government cars to breaking fear rp you guys pretty much broke all the rules in the server you should be lucky a kick is all you received.
  5. Hello everyone I am Dylan Bryan I have been here since 2018 and never did one of these some of you may know me already I am currently a Trooper FSTC. In the real world I go by Dylan Slaughter. I am a chef currently but I am about to put my application in for Delta. I am a former staff member on Hellzone PERP and Vault Gaming DarkRP. I have around 2,000 hours on GMOD. I love to play a lot of different games with friends so if anyone wants to play anything just let me know. My Discord is: TheLastCrunch#3674