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  1. Name: coolgamey Rank: CPT Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): Because I love my job as a CPT although I'm not that active rn (because of school) I try to get on whenever I can Any Concerns?: nope
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    Lefty LOA

    Spam ping rang Friday
  3. coolgamey

    Lefty LOA

    nooo you'll miss the big day
  4. Name: Rank: LT COL Any Concerns?: bong chong (no not really)
  5. Thanks for everything you did and good luck in the future crimson
  6. Name on roster: coolgamey Rank on roster: CPT How active are you: On almost every day lately What can Security CMD improve on? activity on the gensec job (I know people have lives and jobs as admins or mtf on the server) Why should we keep you as GENSEC command [150 words+] Well pretty much the same thing as last time I not gonna boast about how I'm the greatest command member or anything like that there are more qualified than me the only things I can really say about my self is I Think I do pretty go on commanding gensec when no command members are on or when they're too busy too. And I think I can help most people when they have a problem. although I have to admit I sometimes can be a bit much to others and sometimes be accidentally mingey sometimes. I Do try my best (when I'm not afk) and try to manage everything when D class is rioting and all gensec are dead, 173 is out, or assigning patrols to make sure everything is ok. so in all, I think I do ok as a command, not the best (probably the worst) but I like to think differently about myself
  7. Thanks for everything you did and said you'll be missed
  8. What do you want to see? - I want to see security trainees radios removed from them and security SO radios gave back to them why should we add it? - You should add it because I personally find it annoying when there 10 SO on and I have to advert something instead of just saying over the radio What are the advantages of having this? - SO can hear when we make an announcement over the radio so we don't have to type it out and it will be faster to announce it over the radio while in a hurry to say something (Plus someone said that they accidentally removed radios from SO when they were supposed to remove it from trainee) Who is it mainly for? - Security Links to any content - No
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    Tyler's LOA

    Make sure to watch out for icebergs
  10. Most people who will break this is new people or people unaware of the change I say if we add signs on the elevator this can stop most people from breaking it
  11. What do you want to see? - I want to see a timer on class d for attacking foundation personals Why should we add it? - Because When I try assigning patrols d class attack us then dies and then attack us again so we should add an attack timer. So here is how it would work every time you attack personals and die you have to wait a minute or two before attacking them again this way it would be like nlr but not nlr (If we give class d nlr a lot of them would break it so this might be a better solution) What are the advantages of having this? - d class can't constantly attack security (a downside to this is if we add this then the d class might start attacking in waves which might annoy people) Who is it mainly for? - D class Links to any content - No
  12. Name: coolgamey  Rank: LT Activity Status: active The reason you should stay in command (100+ words): The reason I should stay command...well I can't really give a good reason to why I should stay command I mean there are people more qualified than me to be command but I like being low command I like leading squads and I like helping out even though I don't have anything for a good reason I should stay command. I just like helping out on the server and making sure everyone's doing what they're supposed to be doing I mean you can take from this what you will but I not going to boast about why I'm the perfect low command because honesty I'm not - coolgamey Any concerns: none at the moment
  13. +support I hate when class d kills security and we have to wait 3 minutes while if we kill them they don't have to wait and can just come kills us