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  1. We need you back from Star Wars RP GL back man you were a Good Trooper @Shadow The Hedgehog
  2. +Support -we need steam addon Links but that's fine. +that's good Models you should use. Bing Bong Bing By Phoenix We need the Model Changes on them anyway
  3. The CT Pilot or Heavy Whitelist Jobs not on the CT Commander job and the CT CPT Job needs to be Fix. here is the Pictures that Showing CT Heavy and PIlot Whitelist is not on Clone Captain or Clone Commander and Ralex idk what day it was he tryed Promoting me to Heavy and it not there the whitelist i had to wait like less days too get my Whitelist if a Person in CTs stay as CTs so they like to join Heavy or Pilot after there done we can't even Whitlist them to it bcz its missing out of CT CPT and Commander .
  4. What do you want to see? - We landed on Tatooine in the Dunes there is a little Command out post that is Sending Signals to the Republic Borithains Venator Class MK 100 Why should we add it? - Because we can have this Event Map added for a Big CIS Offence and Defense Battle and Hostage Rescue and CIS Ambush What are the advantages of having this? -We can use this Event map like the Dunes of Tatooine Republic Command post Gamemasters can make a little good Command outpost Who is it mainly for? -Defense and Offense and Hostage Rescue and CIS ambush Links to any content -