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  1. LOA Duration: 8/19/19 - 8/25/19 LOA Reason: working at my local fair everyday from 5pm to 11pm
  2. Job Name: Stealth Executive Officer Changes Wishing to be Made to this Class: I would like to change the model of this class to (models/reizer_cgi_p2/spec_kamma/spec_kamma.mdl). I believe this model can be used for a greater purpose seeing as it doesnt have a purpose now. I would also like this change to happen because of saboteur model change. Job Name: Stealth Saboteur Changes Wishing to be made to this class: I would like the saboteur model to be changed to (models/reizer_cgi_p2/spec_cpt/spec_cpt.mdl) seeing as even though this is an officer model, the stealth saboteur medic model does not fit the class and therefor i believe it needs a change Job Name: Stealth Officer Changes Wishing to be made to this class: I would like the officer model to be changed to (models/reizer_cgi_p2/spec_cmd/spec_cmd.mdl) This model is the commander model that is used for executive officer currently, this model can be used better for officer seeing as it has most of the same body groups so it wouldn't look any different. All of these model could all around help the battalion look more secure and well maintained.
  3. In-Game Name: Stealth Commander Zorg SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79650793 Rank: Commander Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): August 4th-11th Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Busy with some family stuff
  4. +Support Great role model Fun to talk to Can Rp very well Has been waited for this for a while Great friend of mine Good luck Nova -Aegis
  5. +Support Winger has been in 501st longer than i was hes a great trooper and has great potential good luck winger you very much deserve this and nice work with fives bro
  6. Very huge +support -Cares alot about 212th -very good at rp -understands alot about stuff -very active -amazing person -easy to talk to -great friend Best of luck to you my brotha -Aegis
  7. +Support Good Guy easy to talk to Good at commanding has helped me and my friends out before has some real potential
  8. +Support Good Vice commander Great guy to talk to Easy to work with and understand only one to really care about the CT Corps recently Active Has Experience -Good Luck Ralex- Aegis
  9. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Rancor ARFL Maj Aegis 0114 2. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? OK to start from the beginning. Way back when i was joining ARC as a 501st Master Sergeant(MSG) I had a vision of becoming a Rancor commander. I ranked up all the way to vice commander and became arc trooper fives. I thought from there i could become a commander if the spot ever opened. The days went by and they never did open. i decided to take what i had and leave because i sorta had become bored of the same stuff everyday. commanding with nova who was appo at the time. I left for a month, came back and decided to join rancor. I have been in rancor for about a month now and I've had more fun than I've had in a while. I still have that idea of maybe becoming an ARC commander one day and i believe that becoming Hammer can put me at a better position of eventually becoming one. I would also like to be able to know what it feels like to be at the top of a smaller battalion of troopers. I feel like as fives there were just too many troopers to keep track of sometimes and now with being in rancor i already have to only command over 4 troopers and now i will be able to open a spot for a new trooper to come in. I just want to be able to so the troopers not only in my battalion but all of them know that you can go as far as you want as long as you just put a tiny bit of work into it. All it takes is keen thinking, knowing your basic stuff, and no small amount of courage and you can go far. I want to be able to prove that. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? A main purpose of a commander in a branch is to set an example. not to boss people around or give them orders all day. Even though there is a lot of that, that isn't what its about. Setting the examples and showing the value of teamwork to your troopers is what really matters. You can act like a jerk and give orders all the live long day. That's not what being a Commander really means. Commanding is just a word for giving something and people acting on it. That's not how you develop a relationship with your troopers. They need to be able to trust the people they are listening to. So in my most basic response, to command is to provide orders and to provide help, not to boss people around. Even though the purpose of a commander is to give their soldier orders so they don't act sloppy during fight. They are the ones who represent their battalions and if the commander acts poorly then the battalion will begin to reflect that so the commanders need to have experience in combat situations. They need to understand their troopers and how they feel about the battalion. And lastly they need to understand that nothing is handed to people and it all needs to be earned. All troopers should aspire to become a commander/bxo one day and i believe if they work hard enough and put in the hours, everyone can eventually have their shot at it. Its up to them how they use their position and you can never expect them to do perfect. All you can do as a trooper is expect and hope they know what they are doing. 7. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I never ask people to trust me. Trust isn't something that you can force its something you earn. I've been through hell and back on this server. I've seen it rise and fall in some of the best ways and the worst ways. I've been playing for now 7 months and I've achieved the rank of vice commander before. I don't know how much that means to some people but that's why i'm willing to try and prove myself again and again. Commanding is not easy, at all. Anyone who has commanded or commands now knows that. I've had to remove people from my battalion, and yell at people, and actually sometimes get in heated arguments. but that's what commanding is. Its not because its fun and definitely not because it's easy. We have to do what we do because its right. Because that if we don't stand up, no one else will. And if one of my troopers needs help with anything. I will give them my full attention and respect because they deserve it just as much as anyone else may. And i know there are some people who will just turn a blind eye to those in need and completely disrespect them. I guarantee however that I've never tried to disrespect my troopers. I may have on accident, but i never would do it intentionally. I never ask for trust, I earn it. 8. How often can you be Online? : Everyday depending on irl stuff 10. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : No
  10. Huge +Support Super good BXO Understands exactly what hes doing 100% of the time really amazing guy to talk to amazing leadership can joke around which is great more deserving than most to receive commander -Aegis