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  1. Ham

    Three Life Rule

    -Support The idea of having three lives is a great idea, but having two makes it easier to put time and effort in the two alone. So I have to say I don't agree with this suggestion, the reason is pretty much that it is good to work hard on two factions, not being lazy or too busy to play CI when you're playing MTF and Security, it could really get out of hand. By the way why am titled as a Moderator? (I'm not one)
  2. This must be fake, it's a guy in a costume seriously.
  3. True, we will be looking out for people which meet our expectations of a good role model. Be on the good side of us and you will be rewarded with a good rank.
  4. Something bugs my game and I just assume its the fps booster since it happened the same time it got added. Well it doesn't work for me rip. I guess its client side but it seems too strange to me.
  5. Guess so, it isn't too bad anyway but I'll get a new pc soon. @Kade What do you believe it is?
  6. I join the server with them off since the problems started.
  7. -/+ Support I don't think you're really ready for staff, Event Team on the other hand can be a good guide into what you want as a Staff Member. It's easier to get in but still is hard, yet what you learn from it is discipline and experience. I have already learned the first one so I believe I can think you need some experience and discipline too. Have those skills and then maybe you would be great for staff, just don't go for the big jump when there are smaller ones in front.
  8. I have alt tabbed many times. Thanks for the tip but I have console on the tilda key and that's the key which the booster bugs out. With me using a command A or alt A I'll try it out, thanks.
  9. When you join the server you start as a class D, correct? Well when I change jobs to something better than a prisoner I am unable to backspace in chat, console and other menus. In my own local game or another server its fine but soon as I join the server the previous events happen. It sure isn't a client side issue as it has never happened before even on the server it started at, but it started after you added that FPS booster, I think its glitching the server/my game in not being able to backspace in any way. I have also been having problems with not being able to open console with the key which is normally used to open it (After the FPS Booster being added). Please remove the booster from the server or attempt to fix the problem, if not them two options please help me with some tech support as it kills me to cut every little spelling mistake I make that could be fixed in a second, not 5. I had to bind the "Console Opening" key to a different key every time I join the server, just so you know. The booster has been making some glitches and they are different for other people, but I saw a guy in chat saying he couldn't backspace, I couldn't think other than this isn't my issue only but it is bigger than I originally expected. Note: I've tried alt tabbing so please don't say that, don't think this is my problem only so you can say "deal with it", it affects others too. And I understand that this is maybe a minor glitch/bug but it breaks the game for whoever has the same problem, you can't backspace nor open console after playing on your server. It carries onto another servers or a local one which you would create yourself. My backspace and console key are fine thank you very much, they aren't broken and they're not binded to something else. This bug/glitch affects my attempts in creating events since I can't type as fast as I would normally would, I may mispell once or twice but the punishment is far harsher when you can't simply backspace to get rid of the problem. Either way please help with the problem and look into it, thanks. -Ham
  10. Name: Ham Rank: CI Captain Callsign: CT99 Reason I should stay: No real reason to keep me in CI, unless you want an Australian command member. Concerns: Realised I haven't posted my Raiding format document on the forums yet.
  11. Ham

    R&D cammand job

    I agree, but in the way of having a tranq gun since a researcher doesn't really need that for their job.
  12. Ham

    SCP 912 Restraints

    That's because the TFA Maglite NMRIH Weapon is not in the server for some reason.
  13. Ham

    SCP 912 Restraints

    SCP 912 Restraints suggestion. What i want to see?: I would like to see SCP 912 (The PD Suit) have restraints in their inventory, in Lore it has a pouch which has unlimited amount of plastic restraints which it uses to arrest people, if they have a weapon out. Now as i play 912 for a bit i realise that i can't arrest anyone without cuffs, because arresting people is the best thing about 912, i am quite disappointed to say the least. Why should you add it?: Adding cuffs to 912 will make the rp of not trying to have your gun out while in the presence of it, a fun and harmless (or deadly) challenge. It would only arrest people without military clothes on after all so it makes janitors, researchers and D class think twice about buying guns. Researchers can have guns but it makes a laugh (if your humour is kinda bad) to arrest them and change up the flow of boring idle rp. What are the advantages of having this?: Straight to the point it is about having 912 be more of a policemen than full on security guard with guns and shit. Instead of killing individuals you can arrest them and /advert that they have broke a rule/law/protocol. This mainly follows the lore and in the lore SCP 912 kills anyone who touches him regardless of clothes, arrests anyone with some type of weaponry except for people with PD/military clothes equipped, and listens to anyone with a PD uniform. The main advantage of this is for 912 to have an individual purpose, yeah MTF or Security can arrest said people but as 912 you have a simple goal which you complete by your self or with the impression of others, its about you pissing everyone off or somehow helping them with your already goals: To arrest. Who is it mainly for?: It is mainly for SCP 912 but it can affect anyone following the lore in which he attacks, arrests or kills. Link to the wiki page in the end. Links to any content: No need for any links as you can just utilise the already used cuffs in game. Link to Wiki Page: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-912
  14. What i want to see?: I would like to see a rule for not using any kind of sniper in a close quarter fight, the amount of times i have been shot with a G3 by MTF Spec Ops and barely lived to tell the tale, are quite big in numbers you can already guess. Why should we add it?: It makes firefights so much better if we didn't rely on very powerful weapons mean't for long range, to kill an enemy in close range. This would include the Scar, G3, SSG and AWP (CSGO snipers at the moment), these snipers are both semi and bolt but the main kind of weapon i hate is the semi autos since they have kinda fast fire rate, almost as fast as an assault rifle. What are the advantages of having this?: The advantage would be having fair fights between CI and MTF, (since they are the ones most likely with snipers) making gun fights a steady and enjoyable fight between two groups. Not being killed straight away by a sniper from 10 feet away. I know 10 feet isn't short yet snipers need some sort of boundary to be able to be shot from, maybe 20 to 40 feet. What is it mainly for?: The main purpose of having this rule would to stop unfair fights within the server, mainly CI and MTF yet it matters to anyone with a high calibre rifle. I want gun fights (meaning many members of two groups fighting each other) to be medium to close range fights, snipers are not to be in the front as they are to be at the back with their long range capabilities . Close range has the shotguns/smgs, medium range has the assault rifles, and the long range has the semi/bolt snipers. Snipers are leaving their only ground for something they're not, in this case: close range combat. Links: No need for links as this is a request for a rule.
  15. Ham

    CI Spec Ops Update

    Gravgun, for entities pretty much.