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  1. Totally forgot. big my bad. won't happen again. sorry. I was getting caught up in a game of mine and totally forgot that utility meetings are on Saturdays at 5pm. Just wasn't thinking of the server, sorry.
  2. Hard to say since almost every moment feels memorable. Liked the old days when no one really played the server, I didn't give a shit about anything and would just troll as a SO but get promoted anyways. After all zuthar13 brought me here. I swear I see you suck everybody's toes on that server almost everyday.
  3. +Support -Honestly seems like a chill dude. -Would also be a chill and nice staff member. -Could always use another hand when on duty too.
  4. These Hoes Aint Loyal! *Gmod Crashes*
  5. If utility staff are resisting to comply with orders to leave HCZ then you should contact a staff member about that since it would fail RP for them not to comply if it is not a heavily RP situation. Let me know who is giving you these orders, I would like to speak with them.
  6. Your higher ups (such as MTF/NTF) should not give you the order to KOS any utility staff in HCZ or should you. You also need a really good RP reason to terminate all utility staff in HCZ, especially KOSing a medic who could of been called down in HCZ for request of healing services. (EX of a good RP reason: utility staff seen committing mass genocide/gone rouge | orders from 05 for unknown reasons). You should be AOSing/cuffing unauthorized utility staff in HCZ or calling a staff member about it since it is FailRP for them to be there unless they have good roleplay exuse to be in HCZ. like I already said, just because their your higher ups doesn't mean they can commit Mass RDM and neither should you, just because utility staff are unauthorized doesn't automatically make them KOS. Also make sure to give the utility staff a chance to speak. They could of been requested or ordered from a administrators/higher ups to enter HCZ or EZ, this is another reason why you should cuff them. PS: This might be updated or deleted overtime if necessary. so far i give this -support.
  7. y u scare me like that? I thought you were leaving.
  8. I haven't downloaded any of the content pack and everyone shows up for me.
  9. When playing as SCP 457 then switching to a different job, you'r player model will still have SCP 457s invisible look to it. (just test it out and see what i mean, BTW someone showed me this so i reported it.) However, This glitched seems to be fixed if a player switches to 343 or 106 then uses the noclip swep.
  10. The job description seems a little werid how 05 members can defect and not be tracked down and killed since 05 members have a tracking chip inside them but besides that everything else seems ok.
  11. +Support +Good app +Very active +Honest dude
  12. Is it just me or is 049s swep causing errors in console again, somethings doing it and it must be 049. After all my console starting flooding with errors ever since 049 became playable again.
  13. -/+ Support +well written format -just joined the community a few days ago