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  1. -/+ Support +well written format -just joined the community a few days ago
  2. I Agree with what Hooplaaa said. both from Deathbringer and nimo are true as well. I feel that Administrator jobs are for the most active players of this server and that spend a lot of their time RPing. In order to achieve HCZ Manager you will need to be more active.
  3. Name: HamOnCheese Rank: CPL Any concerns: It would be nice if we were as equal to A-1
  4. Just gonna be straight forward with this one: 1. There are too many security leaving because of it. 2. It's really annoying to the more serious RP players. (They can't RP with Armed D Class constantly fighting back. What's the point if your a Researcher and you'll just Constantly die from armed D Class.) 3. It completely sets the whole RP unbalanced. (considering how mingy D Class can already be, now that they're armed makes thing worse) Suggestions: Take Out All Armed D Class job and change 'Pro D Class' To only have a melee or just a keypad cracker pro. Maybe Keep them but they all have melees instead. Add more serious RP regulations to the jobs. PS: I might edit more suggestions.
  5. Name on roster: HamOnCheese  Rank on roster: Lieutenant How active are you: Semi-Active (not as much) Who should be the next Major? Steven (He is always active) What can Security improve on? More players should close doors behind them and stop wondering in to HCZ. I'm tired of containing escaped SCPs that escaped because of some SO being a minge and freeing them. Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I have been on the security team ever since zuthar13 uploading a video about this server, i'm usually here 5 to 4 times a week. I'm one of the few people who take charge and I close doors behind me. I also know how to take care of riots in D block.
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  7. Name: HamOnCheese Rank: SM Status on the roster(Active, Inactive, etc.): Active What Specialty Classes are you: N/A What can security improve on: Listening and being more quicker when taking orders. (especially getting OFC members to listen more) Also if there is any way i can join a specialty class that would be very helpful.