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  1. Culinary

    NTF Update

    Just increased the armor and health
  2. Culinary

    NTF Update

    First, were making it so the trooper has to be trained, secondly, I’m dumb, third, I deleted the old one and it was never applied.
  3. Culinary

    NTF Update

    Had a meeting to discuss what we want for a buff, this is what we decided on. Guns to replace primary weapons for each class KEEP ALL OTHER WEAPONS UNLESS SAID OTHERWISE NTF Trooper: Tranqs, Magpul DPR replace vector NTF Combat Medic: MP5SSD, replace UZI keep MP5 NTF Containment Specialist: Honey Badger (A1 stats) replace Gali keep MP5 NTF Officer: AUG A3 replace Gali (Replace secondary Desert Eagle) NTF Commander: SSG 553 (increase mag size if possible) replace Gali Containment Specialist and Commander:\ ^ Don't get shared parts as it is not needed for the mod to work Containment Specialist: Health (250) Armor (200) Officer: Health (250) Armor (200) Trooper: Health (200) Armor (150) Commander: Health (300) Armor (300) Containment Specialist model: ^ (Use the "Zealot Model) If any questions PM me and I will respond right away. The officer class will replace the LT-MAJ classes
  4. Culinary

    Meeting Times

    I’m thinking Friday at 6:00-7:00 PM EST
  5. ATTENTION, IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE ROSTER. PSA. There are a lot of inactive NTF, so I want to know who is still part of our branch.
  6. Name on roster: Culinary Rank on roster: Sergeant How active are you: Active Who should be the next Major? JET (even tho he left NTF (come back)) What can Security improve on? Minginess Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words): I am able to lead GENSEC very well, and I respect everyone, yes, everyone. And I am able to guide new people to be better security. Also I can contain SCP’s if needed so that helps.
  7. +support I just don’t see you on personally but you would do great
  8. Name: Culinary Rank: Trainee Events Ran: 1 Improvement: Think of ways to include members as that is the primary downfall of the team.
  9. +support I was testing RT camera and it’s limited to one per person (besides scripts) No harm in testing it
  10. +support Really fun to be around. Isn't crazily serious like some people in the server. Just give it to him.
  11. I also think we should have this in the EZ control room to help NTF/MTF. Then maybe have an area in LCZ for it.
  12. Again due to the two life rule I am resigning to be security, If you see me just say hi By the way, promote Bana
  13. I would like to announce I am joining GENSEC I don't know if I can get any rank back but I seem to have found people who want me back, and I want to join again So see ya soon my dudes
  14. +support Should be in the control room
  15. Culinary

    Door Timers

    What you want to see? - Removal of door timers on non-blast doors Why should we add it? - I always see doors broken like this because people don't know they close automatically What are the advantages of having this? - Less broken doors and on 173's door, for example, D-Class can go in and open 173's door Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - N/A