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  1. Name: DJ Rank: JFTO SM Why should you retain your current rank? : I think I should retain my current position because of all the hard work I've put into my service for GenSec. Any Concerns?: P.S I wasn't able to put up another LOA about 2 months ago because my pc broke down on me so I was inactive for about 2 months without being able to leave a loa.
  2. djsquishybra

    I need help

    Iv'e been inactive for about 2 months because my pc broke down on me and I had to get a new one. When I got my new pc, I see that my name isn't on the gensec roster anymore. I need someone to help me get back into my position as SM. - dj
  3. Im gonna be semi-active for I don't know how long yet. So i'll probably be online for about 10+ hours every week. Reason is on my last LOA post.
  4. Um I filled out a LOA Form like 3 weeks ago and my status on the roster says active so i'll have to say this myself. I was inactive starting mid February and I will be inactive until mid March, so i'll probably be back and active before march 13th. I would also like to tell everyone who's reading this post to give in constant effort to gensec as your role, doesn't matter if your head of security of head of research. People will constantly be motivated as long as they are in a motivated environment. I've had plenty times where I just wanted to stand there and be lazy instead of getting off my ass and actually contribute to gensec like I swore to do from day 1. An example of a motivated environment was what SuperSpace created. He was a great guy to be around with as a friend as well as a stranger. With all this being said please don't give up, everyone has a potential of making it to low command, high command, and even the boss of high command. Don't think little of yourself, even if you got demoted once or twice or even thrice. I hope everyone who read this takes my advice at least into consideration. Goodbye ;D P.S.| If your having trouble with any things that iv'e stated on this post like being motivated, Please Contact Me!!
  5. Name on roster: Dj Rank on roster: JFTO SM How active are you: About 24 hours every week Who should be the next Major? Steven What can Security improve on? Lower ranks following orders from high ranks like SGT+ Why should we keep you in Security? I feel like I should be kept in security because I want to climb up the ranks to the point where I can lead my men by the front. Again, gensec members need to improve on simple tasks, and I’m willing to lead them to ensure the safety of foundation members, d bois, and scp’s from breaching/escaping.
  6. You should make a book about your experience holy shit man ?
  7. Yes I understand this. I was just clearing up this little confusion because people thought that Dr dank was complaining about breaches happening every minute, when in reality he was just telling the people who were complaining about breaches every minute, to stop complaining because its their fault that they don't feed the scps that breach every minute. I'm not on any side, just clearing up some mis confusion.
  8. Hes trying to tell the people who don't feed the scp's to stop complaining about them breaching because its their fault that they don't feed the scp's.
  9. I don't know you well, but I feel you. Good luck on your future.