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  1. Name:Delta Rank: SFC How active are you: Everyday. If you are on LOA or inactive. Why: Do you want to stay in Shock : Very much.
  2. In-game name: Shock HS SFC Delta 5812 What rank are you: SFC Why do you want to become an officer: I want to Help guide the shock back to where it was onto rishi moon where always the shock and 5th fleet was there everyday but now that we are on the Venator, I wish to build that dream up again into back where we were a respective Security group with only one reason of being here: to be the backbone of our clone community in making sure that we do not fall apart from our mistakes that were taken wrongly. Why should we trust you: I have earned the right of having a baton and being able to train recruits, and some of those recruits I trained are making our place better, and having a baton shows that I was entirely trusted with of watching over our troopers and I will fill that role like I will do the same as an officer but instead of just myself, I would like to also help the troopers help become better.
  3. Name and Rank: US 2LT USMPSGT DI Beta Reason (If personal state "Personal"): Attending a funeral. I Promise to speak to an Officer or read Brief Letters to get details of the meeting(Put understood): Understood. 
  4. Name: US 1SG USMPSGT DI Beta Rank: 1SG Roster Status: Active