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  1. Read these. It is obvious you have not. STOP REPLYING TO YOUR COMMENTS AND STOP TALKING BACK TO STAFF
  2. -Support Should be instantly denied to due violation of rules 1. Responding to comments Read the rules before creating an application
  3. --------------------------------------------Accepted------------------------------------------ Accepted early due to multiple low command support Ask a BG+ to do CCT, you have to do it again Welcome!
  4. He has been in 104th for the past 2 months. As you know, he was the old commander for 104th and revived it. After, he left however, the battalion died because of inactivity from the commander. China is very active and he is extremely dedicated to his battalion. I don't think that there is anyone else in 104th right ow that would be a better fit for the position. So for that, +Support.
  5. +Support Active Great leader Dedicated to battalion Never minges Best person to fit the role ~Rancor ARC Commander Colt
  6. +support active mature great leader
  7. In order to recruit more ARC troopers into battalions, I have decided to change the ARC code of silence. It will not be removed completely, just simply modified to fit the wants of future ARC troopers. Their problem is not talking until officer. New Rule: ARC troopers that are the ranks of 2LT+ have the freedom of talking. SGT-CSM may only talk when in room with ARC only, answering officers/ARCLs, and when in Defcon 2 situations/events. Hopefully this will fix the recruitment issues we are having with regimental ARC and Rancor. I will be open to suggestions, just pm me on discord or TS. This new rule will act for a week then be removed, permanently added, or modified. ~Rancor ARC Commander Colt
  8. Still, support members should be able to help with the issue, it is usually easy to fix.