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  1. Name:Xeno Rank:LCPL Specialties (CE, FTO, Ranger):JCE JFTO. SteamID:STEAM_0:0:140955753 How Active are you (1-10?):10 Any Suggestions For Epsilon-11?:None.
  2. One thing the class d escaped from the lethal touch of himself? (Yes its the 049 this interrogation was based on.)
  3. Lore Name:Dr Xeno Rank:Researcher Clearance Level:3 (I'm actually not quite sure since i spawn with a level two SCP version card but my actually keycard can open SCP-173's cc.) List of personnel involved in testing:Dr Xeno SGT JRTO Nick 1S15 Level D personnel involved:2 i don't remember their code numbers as its been a few hours since the test and i only now got to finally write this. SCP:SCP-173 "The Statue" Hypothesis:Is it possible to neutralize SCP-173's dangerousness by blinking one eye at a time. Observation:Dr.Xeno "When i open this door remember only blink a single eye at a time, if you do that this should go smoothly" Dr Xeno opens the containment chamber at the count of 3 as SGT Nick and the two D class keep there eyes on SCP-173 SGT Nick force's the 2 d class too walk in, *Dr.Xeno activates the recording Camera inside SCP-173's cell and shuts off all other viewing equipment for now. *5 minutes pass before SCP-173 is heard moving however no neck snap is heard. Dr.Xeno and SGT Nick wait, another quick cement scraping sound is heard. Dr.Xeno "They must be messing up the blinking one eye at a time." *15 more minutes pass and a neck is finally heard being snapped.* Dr.Xeno turns on the camera in SCP-173's Cell to see what happened, too find that a D Class is dead "Multiple vertebrae broken" and the other one is on the complete other side of 173's Cell* *Dr.Xeno waits 10 more minutes and no sounds are heard.* Dr.Xeno "Perhaps we should retract the surviving D Class." *Dr.Xeno asked SGT Nick if he could help with that and thankfully he agrees, *After opening the cell the body is retracted as well as the surviving Class D And the cell is shut without SCP-173 escaping.* Amnesia agent is administered and test is concluded. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos):A video was shown too both Class D on how to effectively blink one eye at a time. Errors and/or safety hazards: After reviewing the captured footage D [REDACTED] is seen blinking with both eyes by assumed mistake as does the other resulting in his death. Conclusion:While more testing may be required there may be a way to make it possible to recontain SCP-173 with only a single person, it will most likely require training to do so but it would seem blinking one eye at a time effectively neutralizes SCP-173's dangerousness so long as you don't take your eyes off him. (This is my first log i put on the forum's correct me if ive made any mistakes if you wish.)