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  1. Name: Zak Rank: Lt What do you want to achieve in EMS?: I want to help improve the public’s opinion of our department and give everybody in the server a better roleplay experience. Any Suggestions for EMS?: currently, people get bored just waiting around for a call. I feel like we need really anything that can be done in the hospital that does not rely on another player being hurt or killed.
  2. I believe it is up to date, the vehicle changes were made about a month and a half ago and there has been other changes to the SOP since then. The car spawned has bred wrong for a while now and nobody has updated it.
  3. A while ago now, all ems were granted permission to use the Mercedes ambulance but it was never changed in the vehicle spawner. Here is a link to our SOP where it states that we are allowed this vehicle Also, the EMS dodge charger ford F-150 and the Ford Taurus should not be available to anyone below LT but all are still able to be spawned by all ems.
  4. Name:Zak Rank:Adv Paramedic Why you want to stay in ems: I want to stay in ems because I enjoy helping other people around the server and improving public relations. Are you in the discord: yes
  5. Name:Zak Rank:Adv Paramedic Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department?: I believe I deserve to stay in the department because even though I work a full time job, I make a strong attempt to be active every weekday and truly enjoy my role of helping others on the server. Any changes you want in the EMS?: I think people need more reason to play end. Currently there is not much to do and it is very hard to RP situations because there’s usually nobody else on to help take calls.
  6. I’m at a party and have another one tomorrow. I’ll be on near 4pm on Monday
  7. Ugh not working maybe I need a new account? I’ll try later when I’m home
  8. P18 Zak i was one of the people kicked from the discord and haven’t been able to find anyone to add me back. I’m making this post to inform command that I will be at a birthday party during this week’s meeting
  9. IG Name: Zak Link to Steam Account: How many warnings do you have: 0 What departments are you in and what rank: Police Senior Patrol Officer Why do you want to be EMS (150 Words Minimum): I would like to be hired as EMS because over time, I have noticed that there is a severe imbalance in the number civilians and police to the number of EMS (Almost Zero.) I believe that I would be a good fit with the department because I have some previous emergency services experience on other servers as well as games such as EmergeNYC, I enjoy the roleplay aspect and take these jobs seriously (I can take charge of a situation and act out my actions while also being able to listen to my superiors and not argue with their decisions.) Finally, I am friendly and will help give the department a better public image, opening players' eyes to just how fun being part of EMS can be and encouraging more active people to join. I thank you for your time and hope that I will be given the opportunity to prove my worth to the department as well as the community. Who recruited you? N/A