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  1. i agree with all of you i still have problems from learning and shit and im trying to change my class from gov to crim so i hope that ill eas this whole thing
  2. u left out taht i have adhd fsd and autism
  3. @maral the great i just got on plus i was allowed in doc i have perms from doc warden and head admin myan and he was really pissing me off i had a very ruff day that day mainly because my best friend died and none even likes me on the servers no matter what i do i get in shit even when i do something good i some how get blamed for something bad i never done and i had to pay lots into my cc to change it cuse blacklisted in fbi so i wasted $400 canadian cash on that shit and this is now im treated most times i get treated like that was same thing in school and i nearly killed my self cuse of it all this crap im bamed for or treated like makes me feel just like i felted in school you dont care about my mental problems i have ADHD FAS even my brian does not work normal i act before i think i cant understand normal shit u would and afteri read thos shit from u i feel like crying
  4. my cc is allwoed in doc its a gov class and have permission to be in doc bu myan whos head admin and by the doc warden and some of those screen shots are not oven proof of attacking him only two were and i advertised first so it was not rdm also when i said I could easily kill you right now i was holding a awp infront of him then i said but i wount do that cuse im not like that
  5. you cant remove my cc i paid 290 on it fam or ban me from the community i love being on it
  6. dont know where it is and was told to put here
  7. ingmae name Kondracky warn by MAJ chad for lying to staff (removed from PD not to promote) im sorry for dongi this i will never lie again
  8. Name and Callsign on Roster: Kondracky SAF10 Your activity: Long Term LOA Why we should keep you as a SAIC (50+ words): I believe I should keep my rank as a Special Agent in Charge because I feel I deserve the role because of my leadership and skills I have that have gotten me to this rank. I also worked really hard on this rank, and losing it would be horrible to me. 3 Things you should be doing as a SAIC (20+ words): One thing I should be doing as a Special Agent in Charge is supervising lower-ranked FBI agents. Another thing I should be doing as a Special Agent in Charge is taking control of situations. Train PA's. Andhelp in raids ect
  9. Custom Donation - $20(0 Credits) 2019-01-16 07:46:30 just did this
  10. @JimLeahy SAF11 you have to pay n the store $20 dollars
  11. current job name: Humane Labs And Research New job name: FBI Critial Incident Response Group description: The FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) consists of a cadre of special agents and professional support personnel who provide expertise in crisis management, hostage rescue, surveillance and aviation, hazardous devices mitigation, crisis negotiations, behavioral analysis, and tactical operations. old model new model Government class Package Timestamp Custom Donation - $10(0 Credits) 2019-01-09 21:31:31 Custom Donation - $20(0 Credits) 2019-01-09 21:30:38 Custom Donation - $20(0 Credits) 2019-01-09 21:27:31 Custom Donation - $10(0 Credits) 2019-01-09 21:27:31 Custom Donation - $20(0 Credits) 2019-01-09 21:26:30
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