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  1. Whats Poppin it's your DHOS Lefty well former…… Today 7/7/19 I will be resigning from DHOS after my 8 months of service towards GENSEC. I hate writing this honestly since I worked really hard for this branch and I love this branch with all my heart and GENSEC will always be my home that I can come to. I have come a long way from when I joined back in December of 2018. I have worked very hard to get to the position I was at, I even dedicated weekends to play on the server, until I got the position of DHOS, the DHOS position was a milestone that I am proud that I have completed and I hoped that I continued to move on to higher levels but unfortunately I am unable to do it due to the lack of my activity lately and some of my fellow command members saying that I should step down from my position as I feel that I can't be a suitable DHOS for them. When I am gone I hope you guys find a suitable DHOS that you feel like that you can look up to. I am leaving my recommendation to the HOS. Remarks Jet - Jet you deserve the biggest thanks, you helped me become a great DHOS, you were the person who helped me start of my gaminglight career and security career I look up to you because you are the hardest working person I know out there. Chief - Cool robot guy, keep active and you probably will get Deputy Site (Assuming Dogz gets moved up.) Rang - Cool guy, loved playing total war with you and I could see you becoming a great site admin one day or a great SMT member. Late Congrats on SA Matrices - Honestly you make a better DHOS than me and definitely deserves the HOS position over me you are hard-working, you have done things better than I could have ever done, keep up the awesome work and I could definitely see you being a site admin one day. Low Command- Thank you for your hard work and dedication towards GENSEC. Some advice, be active don't be like me and be inactive, the lower enlisted look up to you and expect great things from you guys, keep up with the promotions and also listen to high command because that makes things easier. Good Luck! Security Enlisted - Remember If you guys feel like you guys are not being recognized by command just keep working at it and eventually you will soon get the reward you want. Good luck! P.S. I will still be on the server if you have any questions I am always free in Teamspeak and In-game. DHOS Lefty signing off.
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    bruh chain?
  3. Name: Lefty Rank: DHOS Length:6/18 - 6/29 Reason: Spending time with my family before I leave to boy scout camp.
  4. - Support - Never seen you before, understandable that you are EU time but never seen you once. - Could use more forum activity.
  5. +support This will benefit security on NLR and trainees who are waiting for a FTO to be trained.