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  1. HUGE +SUPPORT! Very active in-game, TeamSpeak, and on Forums. Mature and friendly. Supportive, helpful, and experienced staff. Enforces ratio! Overall, I strongly agree you deserve the rank of Admin as you have definitely proved it!
  2. May I also add that many times officers leave suspects cuffed and leave the scene. Allowing them to free roam the city while cuffed. I've been receiving too many Admin Tickets from those who had been abandoned in cuffs left to roam around. Another issue that happens often is that officers while transporting either lag out or leave. But that is understandable. The problem with this is that they are not in TeamSpeak to tell another officer they lagged out and to go pick up their suspect, usually leading to the Abandonment and Free-Roaming of suspects.
  3. HUGE +SUPPORT! Every time I see him there is always an issue! Obviously has NITRP Several Identical warnings in a short time frame. Has been previously banned. I strongly agree this player should be permanently banned from the Gaminglight Community.