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  1. Red_Dream

    Another LOA

    Bryan SAF6 @andrewchynd
  2. Red_Dream

    Another LOA

    Rank:SAIC LOA Time: a week Reason (Private if needed): failing classes and i need to focus on my school work and try to get my grades up
  3. Red_Dream

    My loa

    loa over @October
  4. Red_Dream

    My loa

    Name:Bryan Rank:saic LOA Time:few days Reason (Private if needed):at my dads
  5. Name and Call sign on roster: Bryan SAF6 Your activity: ACTIVE Why we should keep you as a SAIC (50+ words): Well I Think I should stay at SAIC because i watch over the lower ranks and I'm on when i have the extra time to be , i have loyalty to the FBI i mean i love playing on the job and i enjoy hanging around with the lower ranks and yeah 3 Things you should be doing as a SAIC (20+ words): Watching over the lower ranks to make sure they are doing right / Reporting to low command \ controlling the situations when there are no TAC units on
  6. Red_Dream

    My LOA

    i GOT it back so LOA over i guess i shouldnt of even put an loa in
  7. Red_Dream

    My LOA

    Name:Bryan Rank: SNR SA // kgb45 LOA Time: {Unknown} Reason (Private if needed): My steam account was hacked so if i get it back i will be on